Khama Khwiliro’s Sadzakhala Chete DVD selling like hot cake


Gospel artist Khama Khwiliro is reaping from his sweat as market for his Sadzakhala Chete DVD is impressing barely two weeks since its release.

The DVD which was put on the market on 1st December is a compilation of both new songs and old ones from the artist’s second album, Ndaona Kuwala.

As a way of extending his reach to the audience, Khwiliro embarked on the visual project so as to keep blessing the masses even in their homes and not always through live stage performances.

“Actually I wanted to connect to my fans in visuals and give them a chance not just to watch my music on television but have entirely my videos in their homes, so that they are spiritually inspired even when am not performing on stage,” Khwiliro told Malawi24 yesterday

Khwiliro needs to smile to this news.

The Nthawi Yanga Yakwana hitmaker drew inspiration from Exodus 14 VS 14 to label the DVD Sazakhala Chete.

In the scriptures God is telling his chosen tribe, the Israelites that he shall fight for them while they keep silent.

Plans are in place to launch the DVD next year once all logistics are done. Venues for the launch will be communicated later when all things are put in place.

This has been motivated by gospel loving Malawians who believe the project is too big to go without a launch.

With the DVD selling only in the cities of Blantyre and Zomba, distribution of copies will be done in other cities by New Year’s Day. It will be done in phases with Lilongwe, and Mzuzu being the first to be considered before an overflow to other parts of Malawi.

Shot by seasoned videographer Alick Chimzere of Creative Works and Elisha Kazonde of Concept Images, it is currently available at Steers (Blantyre), Puma Filling Station (Nyambadwe), Total Filling Station (Polytechnic), Puma Filling Station (Blantyre Shoprite), Chataka and Maganizo Music Centres (Blantyre Market) and Kalimbe (Zomba).

Sazakhala Chete audio has been dominating radio charts besides getting over 11, 000 downloads on Nyimbo Zathu music site. And for this, Khwiliro expresses his gratitude to the fans.

“I would like to thank my fans for the support they always give me and my ministry. Without them I would not be where I am today and may they continue showing their love by having a copy which I am confident is worth their pound,” he said.

The singer rose to fame in 2012 with his first solo album entitled Nthawi Yanga Yakwana which was launched at Robins Park in Blantyre amidst huge patronage. He has been one of the dominant forces in gospel arena since then, releasing hit after hit.




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