Dedza police condemns fake accident reports

Cassim Manda

Police in Dedza district have condemned reports circulating on social media of a fatal road accident which did not happen.

According to a message which has gone viral on WhatsApp and Facebook, the accident happened on Sunday, December 12.

The report indicated that members of the same family are said to have died when their Ipsum clashed with a UD truck 25 km off Linthipe in Dedza.

Cassim Manda
Cassim Manda: We are let down with the rifle reports about accidents.

However, in an interview with this publication Dedza police public relations officer Cassim Manda said this is not true.

Manda who wondered where people spreading the information got it from, said no accident has happened in the district and he emphasized that his office has not received reports of the matter.

He confirmed that they has also seen messages circulating on WhatsApp together with photos which he claimed are false.

He said the Police were the ones who could have confirmed if it was true.

“On behalf of police in Dedza district I would like to differ reports which have gone viral on social media of the accident. We have searched everywhere but we have found that no accident happened in Dedza last week or earlier, so those reports are not true,” Manda said.

Meanwhile, Manda has warned all road users especially drivers to follow all the rules and regulations to reduce road accidents during the festive season.

He added that they will be mounting roadblocks to reduce number of accidents which happens in the season and said there will be stiff punishment to all offenders.

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