Mzuni’s participation in 2017 Super League uncertain


One of the TNM Super League teams in the north Mzuni FC might not participate in the league next season if there will be no sponsor to support the club, Malawi24 has learnt.

According to a source, at the moment the team is suffering a lot due to the closure of the institution.

“We are facing a lot of challenges now as the club is running without enough funds and it is difficult to pay all players,” said the source.

Mzuni F.C in dire need of support.

“Although it’s unofficial but things now are getting out of hand, let us pray hard to find a sponsor in order to keep us playing in the league next season otherwise Mzuni will be history,” he said.

One of the club’s players who opted for anonymity said at first all players were getting food from the university cafeteria but now things have become worse as players cook their own meals at Katoto house where they are staying.

“We used to eat at university cafe, but now every player is responsible for his own food otherwise and it’s up to the player to decide whether to eat or not,” he said.

Mzuni FC gets funding from Mzuzu University but the institution was closed a few months ago due to staff members’ strike over pay.

The students were voted as the best improved team in the first round of the Tnm Super League and are now on position 10 with 38 points.



  1. Komatu mabungwe ndi ambiri Ku Malawi koma ntchito kutupisa mimba zawo basi,,timu inakhazikika iyi, zachisoni,, boma chitanipo kanthu kuti mpira pa Malawi upite pasogolo

  2. mzuni paja ndiya boma eti?a welcome message to civo united or apatsileni a bunda university apitilize next season pa central region ma sponsors sangasowe.

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