Mutharika geared to improve quality of university system in Malawi


President Peter Mutharika has assured Malawians that his government will make sure that the university system in Malawi is of high quality for it to propel the country’s development agenda.

Mutharika made the remarks on Thursday when he was inaugurated as the first Chancellor of Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) during an event at the institution’s main campus at Ndata in Thyolo district. Writing on his official Facebook page, Mutharika hailed MUST as a good example of an institution that offers high quality education.

Mutharika: Working towards raising the standards of education in Malawi.

“MUST is a living testimony that as a people, Malawians cherish quality tertiary education resulting in our unending drive to have world-class centres of learning,” Mutharika wrote.

He added that the university is part of a greater vision and is on a higher mission.

“In this place, we want to see a university that leads in scientific and technological invention and innovation in this part of Africa. This University is here to demonstrate that we Africans were the first great scientists and inventors of humankind,” he said. According to Mutharika, Malawians always had a scientific mind and a scientific culture of inventing technologies.

“This is a heritage that was killed by colonialism and Western education. My government promises to continue rallying all our energies around nurturing world-class education for our children through construction of good universities and provision of all necessary aspects that comes with such places of higher learning,” Mutharika said.



  1. l don’t know why Malawian’s we are worried for ,we elect HYENAS to take care of GOAT’S -and when goat’s go missing we wonder why?

  2. The only problem with us malawians we do nt really know our problem!Hence so hard to tackle it.The perception in us is that every challenge we come across is due to some ones error.Trust me if god was to start judging those who judge others first,majority of malawi munthu would be the first to kiss hell.


  4. That’s the best lip service so far but our ears are completely tired of such rhetorics we need real president and real development please.

  5. With the Universities closed and you brat abt improving the quality of University education in Malawi? Thats day dreaming! Wake up from your deep slumber!

  6. Firstly, i say fuck this govt,and fuck all the niggers who are clapping for this shit…My Fellow Malawian it’s 12 noon, why can’t you see???…i’m describing this govt as a bus without a driver,so where are we going?
    Don’t forget anakwiza tuition fees, nanga anthu akumudzi ndalamazo akazitenga kuti?
    Govt be considerate we are not foreigners we are all Malawians…

  7. Yes Mr President geared by abolishing JC yomwe three quarters ya ma civil servant analowera ntchito m’boma komanso by recognising honory degrees than those frm MCA lastly by closing Poly etc!! Kkkkkk dzuka malawi.

  8. Last week u say u not responsible, so what u are saying now ,?please help this man is confused, he don’t know what to say.

    1. #john…ineso ndikudabwa……may b nw he is responsible…anthuwatu dzikoli amaliwona ngati m nyumba mwawo…ubwino wake we will all face God’s judgment..palibe amene dziko lapansi ndi lake.

    2. Akuzivomeleza yekha zomwe amakana last few week ago amati zisamukhuze zosekedwa ma xool apa akuti awonesesa kuti maphuziro akupita pa sogolo, ithink our president iz brainless guyz.

  9. Mr President, how do you mean by that? How can you enhance the higher education system when the students are forced to pay what they cannot afford in tuition fees? As an acadamic yourself, do you think you are doing enough for the Education System as a whole in Malawi? As much as you are respected worldwide for your education qualifications, but still your ignorance leaves alot to be desired.

    It really is one thing to be well aducated and surely onother to be intelligent and know how to use your aducation to help others. This is so far the worst Malawi we have ever had over the ages.

    We know you will not help Malawi, as a nation to be productive again, and we do not expect your government to do so, let alone ask you you to do so, because we know for sure that you, yourself do not have any idea what being productive means. All you know is whine and lament for how the previous governments failed our country. We have a very good altenative to your leadership…with plenty of solutions to all the citizens of Malawi.

  10. He was speaking these words at Ndata,,,,,, meaning he was telling fellow villagers at Goliat, Nansadi and Nyambalo NOT TO MALAWIANS….

  11. Amalawi Sitizamva A Guy Failed To Handle A Single Ministry(education) And We Handed Him The Whole Government,,,this Is The Worst Government Malawi Has Ever Had In History,,,

  12. Why making a lot of noise Mr APM coz am sleeping and ur disturbing me,u want malawi to hve uneducated youth akayamba kuba ndi uhule mudziamanganso ur evil

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