29 November 2016 Last updated at: 7:53 AM

MP Felix Jumbe has more ideas for Malawi: change the national anthem

Member of Parliament (MP) for Salima Central Felix Jumbe has asked government to change the country’s national anthem saying some words should be replaced with positive words.

Writing on his Facebook account, Jumbe said the Malawi national anthem needs reconstituting by removing the words hunger, diseases, and envy. According to Jumbe, a state that is defined by such words in its national anthem cannot develop.

Felix Jumbe

Felix Jumbe suggests alterations to the national anthem.

“A state defined by hunger, disease and envy has no future,” wrote Jumbe.

He further said that these unpleasant words used in Malawi’s national anthem make the country’s citizens to be locked to the ground.

“No creativity, innovation, patriotism, statehoodism, no shared common purpose and full of infighting scrambling for the little resources and the business of people is running government and not engaging in economic activities.

“Our creativity is envy aimed at damaging one another. We are a people who get more excited with failure than success,” he said.

Jumbe expressed hope that replacing the three words in the national anthem would reengineer the minds of Malawians.

The current Malawi national anthem was composed by Paul Sauka who died in 1990.

The anthem was adopted in 1964 as a result of a competition.

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