War within: Kelvin Moyo calls on ACB to investigate Bullets’ match fixing allegations


Nyasa Big Bullets suspended General Secretary Kelvin Moyo has asked the Malawi Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate Bullets’ match fixing allegations, Malawi24 can reveal.

Moyo was suspended by the team’ board of trustees for ‘insubordination’ on Sunday and was told to immediately handover all his responsibilities to his deputy until the whole issue is investigated.

Kelvin Moyo

Kelvin Moyo : Wants ACB’s intervention.

But despite this, Moyo has urged ACB to investigate the matter saying match fixing is a very serious offence that needs not to be tolerated.

“I have been suspended for exposing acts of corruption by one of the trustees who told the technical panel before a match in Lilongwe not to worry because he had already fixed the match. So, I am urging the ACB to investigate this issue. Match fixing is a very serious offence that needs to be kicked out of our football.”

“I will not rest till the truth comes out because I have got all the evidence that this official from the board of trustees did this evil act so let ACB do their work,” he explained.

Nyasa Big Bullets

Nyasa Big Bullets involved in match fixing, according to Moyo.

And reacting to Moyo’s sentiments, one of the members from the board of trustees Jim Kalua said the suspended General Secretary used the wrong channel in addressing the issue.

“Kelvin Moyo was holding a very important position at the club and he should have followed proper procedures in reporting the issue. Why was he reporting to the media before engaging the main executive committee of the Club? Does he report to the media? Match fixing is a very serious offence that needs not to be tolerated but still more, he was supposed to follow the right channel before taking the issue to the media,” said Kaluwa.

Officials from FAM and Super League of Malawi (Sulom) are yet to comment on the issue.



  1. Mpira wake utiwo wa ku Lilongwe’wo? How long has it taken him to report? And was it proper to report it to the media when he was the GS? Anapangapo chani wen ‘one’ of the executive member said has fixed the match before reporting to media?? Why is he coming out now after suspension? what are his motives? though i am not ‘red’ but i suspect that he has other motives against NBB. Such men are dangerous!! Was he …???

  2. We need to look at it seriously coz.Moyo was holding a very important position of the club and the grounds of his suspension its not mere suspension.

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  4. Koma iyeyo, amanenera mukuwawidwa mtima,?komatu nkhondo wayiyambayo samliza,asawone ngati BB ndiadzake 4wo,ayi, izizi zipangitsa yenkha kusowa mtendere,

  5. Every in malawi is corruption ,i knew that that game between kampopi fc & mayole was ended in favour of kampopi fc bcoz of referee but FAM & sulom didn’t investigate bcoz they r afraid of ngambwe fc,so corruption is everyday life in Malawi now here in south Africa lots of Malawians r selling ARV & other medicine ,my question is where r these guys getting all these hospital drugs? So don’t expect that Malawi will be better ,these civil servants r very corrupt thus y kampopi fc akutengera

  6. It happened to Juventus of Italy a fifa akangoidziwa eee afana muli mmadzi division 1 kale this is serious allegation palibe kti wamisala ee ayimva kuwawa btz ayi munyongedwa munthawi yake mukusoneza mpira agalu inu kumalawi kuno national team kudzadza ndima striker ama penalty okhaokha achina Mbulu kumasowa malo la 40 lakwana

  7. How many games did bullets win last season and how many have been won this season Mr Moyo was there last season as well why didn’t he report the corrupt practices then. ACB must investigate him first he has alot to tell the nation starting from what was done last season up to the time he got the boot

  8. Mkamba anyela amene watenga
    Moyo ndigalu opanda ulemu km ngati watumidwa watumayo amupwetekesa
    Anatipepelesaso nkhani ya chande apaso atipusiseso watiyenjeza sono aona pole

  9. Guys anakahkala dolo kapena kuti wa chilungamo anakaulula pamene league inali isanafike pa mwana wakana phala……Ndiwamisala ameneyo…kapena kuti nyansala, wakufuntha!!!!! Kuderera basi!

  10. Moyo ndi chindele and chitsiru chazitsiru super league is now at the end why did he wait all this time? If there is match fixing, then he is part and parcel because ever since he was in management! Awa angozigulira mavuyo team yake siimeneyi!

  11. Line yodyela makobidi ikasowa amalawi timatelo kodi amoyo inu mudalikuti ? adalakwa kukupatsani udindo? Bulles iri mmamillion amunthu who r you now? Sory wachepa ungosiya wamva

  12. Chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi APA”we need 10 #kelvins in Malawi football””let football be played on the pitch’ not in #whatsapp or #Emails””corruption z killing the beautiful game”bravo @ #kelvin,no fear “asaaaaaaaa

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  15. I would advise him not to go ahead with his decision, he is not just fighting the top officials here… he is fighting supporters who may react quickly. Let him learn from football history about individuals attacking the peoples team.

  16. Where was he all this time that he can talk about match fixing now I now remember titha mandiza she once said kuti kelvin muzamuziwa tikachoka ife kuti ndi munthu woipa now I understand her

  17. Idiot Moyo, he’s a frustrated goat after being fired, but jst to remind him dat he is playing with fire & again has jst started a war that he will not finish.

  18. This Incident Is Not New! Kelvin Has Not Just Realised That Match Fixing Is A Serious Crime! The Anti-corruption Bureau Is Also Not Just Been Created! What Stopped Kelvin From Reporting This When He Came Accross The Vice? Does Kelvin Know The Implications Of His Delay To Report To ACB? What Has Triggered His Desire To Follow The Law This Time Arround – Is It The Suspension? Kelvin Shows Signs Of A Bad Loser And A Blackmailer? We The Onlookers Are Not The Napkin-wearing Age, We Understand Him Very Well!!!

  19. Zaziii match fixing aione pano coz zamuvuta mpando wa team siwamuyaya. Ngati ndi choncho amaleka kuulula alibe pa udindowo kuvomereza kwavuta apa. Zako zimenezo mphwanga

  20. hehehehe!!..@Kelvin moyo..are YUDASI ESIKALIOTI?i can see that job its ensecial for every sprit,”anyasa ulina naye ndimwambi”a kelvin mudali ku bullets,mumatasa monga mbewa pamasa,lero mwazithira sabola piripiri kamba ka khalidwe lanu ndipo akubandulisani liwiro,kuchenjera kwanu kopusa nako ndikumene kukupitirira mpaka kukasuma ku ACB,hehe enu akenu kumati mzeru,hehehe,koma..nde mukt ku bb katangale? hehehe where were you all the tym when bb practise corruption?kapena ndani wakugulani akulu?its truth that” UMAKUMBUKA ZOSETA PAMENE WAIPISA KALE BULUKU”am waiting investigation kt ndione maganizo ake kelvin kt aphulanji?zopusa koma wasowa ntchto..mumanyanya kulimbana ndi ntchto zaeni.kudalira miyendo ya adzanu pamene yanuyo ili pheee!.lero kelvin adya miyendo yake ndithu kapena zochokera m’mimbanso kumene.hehehehehe

  21. I didnt know that kelvin moyo is such a barbarian up until now!! we dont condone such malpractice in each and every game as match fixing but when i look at the whole story here, it seems kelvin has an issue with some of his fellow top brass within the management and he is trying to fight them via media outlet!!! and thus showing cowardice in the process!! we may now conclude that the guy is and wasnt fit for such a position in a big club like BB!!

  22. Juventus FC were demoted from Italian league A – B coz of the exactly match fixing , but here IS SULOM / FAM with different ideologies but same Fifa rules.

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  24. Kelvin moyo nthawi yonsei mnalikt lero mkuculutsa zonena apa,ngati mwacotsedwa udindo khalani pheee musationongere timu ife kuno kumudzi timaikonda

  25. Procedures r alwaz followrd,As a learned personel he would hav first consulted he s bosses before rushing to the media ,That iz insubordination .Even if the club was in the wrong but he has blame ,Lack of professionalism BB iz a big club & highly reputable brand