Tug of war: PP denies losing its ‘powers’ to DPP


…Msonda was not ‘part of PP’

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) says it has not suffered a lot on the recent announcements of some well known politicians joining ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

PP’s  publicity secretary, Noah Chimpeni says the party has not and not will not be affected by the defections.

He said it is very unfortunate to say their top officials have quit the party heading to the ruling party claiming it is only one member who has joined the party amongst the group.

Defectors Ken Msonda, Binton Kumtsaila and Clara Makungwa had been in the PP before.

But Chimpeni says it is only Makungwa who was in their party.

Msonda quit the PP some months ago, and had incessantly denied of any intentions to join the DPP.

Ken Msonda

Ken Msonda being welcomed by Peter Mutharika to the DPP.

PP maintains they will always find replacements to people who leave the party to join others.

“It is very unfortunate to say more members of PP has joined DPP and say PP is the biggest loser, no. The fact of the matter is that amongst the group, it is only one Clara Makungwa who was still our director of women. So, most of them were not our members. At least Clara Makungwa we can shade some tears but She will be easily replaced because of late we can say she constructively resigned because she was not active.” said Noah.

Meanhwile, the PP says it is working towards having replacements to varous positions which are vacant.

Ironically, the post of the party’s presidency is being held in a ‘stand in’ situation by Uladi Mussa.

The party’s founder Joyce Banda has been in the US after losing the presidential elections two years ago.

Joyce Banda tears PP

PP has since advised the DPP to take care with some defectors claiming they might only be having bad motives by the joining g the ruling party.

Other top notch politicians who have joined DPP at the same rally include former deputy speaker James Chingola, David Bisnowaty and Binton Kumtsaila, Davis Katsonga and Etta Banda.



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