Massa concerned over age cheating in Mayor’s Trophy

Blantyre Mayor's Trophy

Malawi Schools Sports Association (Massa) has uttered concern over cases of age cheating in the Blantyre Mayor’s Trophy which is currently hot in the city’s zones in both private and government primary schools.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday in Blantyre, chairperson for Massa Ignazio Libwalo said the trophy has been marred by incidents of age cheating and he mentioned Mbayani primary school as one of the teams involved in the malpractice.

 Blantyre Mayor's Trophy
Age cheating a big concern. (Image credit to

“We can say that this trophy is facing few challenges, some schools are cheating on the ages of the players which is not satisfactory at all because others are inhibited to show their interest,’’ he complained.

He then warned that they will not spare any school found lying about the age of its players.

Libwalo however claimed that the trophy is going well despite the few problems they are currently facing.

According to him, players are showing interest of playing the games and it is their hope that the trophy shall end well.

He encouraged people who are netball and football fans to go and watch the games, some of which will be played at Blantyre Civic Centre.

Blantyre Mayor’s Trophy which only include football and netball games was launched on 21 September at Mount Soche Hotel.



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