12 October 2016 Last updated at: 3:21 PM

Patience Namadingo trolls ESCOM in Facebook video clip

Gospel musician Patience Namadingo has fired warning shots at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) over persistent blackouts.

In a video clip that was posted on his personal Facebook account on Monday, the singer insinuate consequences that may befall ESCOM staff should the situation remain static.


Patience-Namadingo. trolls ESCOM.

He hopefully concludes a day is coming when consumers shall know the one responsible for hitting the switch-off button.

“Akazangomuziwa dzina amene amazimitsa magetsi, kungomuziwa nkhope kuzavuta, kungomuziwa yemwe amadina, yemwe amadina, yemwe amadina batani lozimitsira magetsi, kudzavuta (when people will find out the identity of a person responsible for switching off electricity, there will be trouble),” sings Namadingo

The end part of the clip exposes real feelings from the artist as he addresses the situation. He violently plucks the guitar then exclaims, Ndakwiya kwambiri ndi zamagetsizi!

The video is currently enjoying downloads with many people sharing through social media platforms. Feedback has been overwhelming as evidenced by large numbers of people applauding Namadingo for his creative mind.

Malawi is currently experiencing never ending blackouts due to drop in water levels in Lake Malawi. The situation has gone from bad to worse with some areas going for more than 18 hours without power. This has had ugly effects in a number of areas.

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