11 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:13 AM

Caution: Do not flaunt your assets on social media, police warn Malawians

Police in the northern region have warned Malawians against displaying their assets on social media saying such posts are likely to fuel crime in the country.

Maurice Chapola

Maurice Chapola has sent the caution.

According the northern region deputy police spokesperson Maurice Chapola, posts that shows assets or what a person is doing can likely raise the rate of crime in the country.

Chapola also criticized posts and updates of someone buying something or traveling somewhere saying thieves can use such information to attack people or break into their homes since they will be sure that the owner is not home.

“It is very true that posting some vital information of yourself on the social platform, that is on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and others, is negatively affecting security circles in the country because most of the robbers are also advanced in technology.

“This is so because when you post your assets at home or a post claiming you have bought something, robbers uses the same information to attack you,” said Chapola.

He also expressed hope that if Malawians refrain from posting their wealth on social media, crime will be reduced in the country.

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