Politics at Wanderers: Executive Committee fielded starting eleven in derby defeat


Just hours before the showdown, Be Forward Wanderers’ main executive committee turned down Eliya Kananji’s starting eleven saying the match against rivals Big Bullets was ‘too big’ without Joseph Kamwendo, Malawi24 has been informed.

According to information sourced by Malawi24, George Chamangwana’s led executive committee called for an emergency meeting with the technical panel at the team’ club house where they demanded for the release of the starting eleven against their bitter rivals.

Kananji, who is always with the team during training sessions, released his first eleven which had no Kamwendo in it but was left in tatters when the whole committee turned him down saying it was a must for the former Flames captain to be included in the first team.

Be Forward Wanderers

Be Forward Wanderers starting eleven was not from the coach.

The meeting lasted for more than two hours, with the executive committee busy coming up with its preferred starting eleven.

According to an inside source who opted for anonymity, this was Kananji’s starting eleven against Bullets: Richard Chipuwa, Stainley Sanudi, Bongani Kaipa, Ted Sumani, Francis Mulimbika, Felix Zulu, Alfred Manyozo Jnr, Rafick Namwera, Jabulani Linje, Peter Wadabwa and Amos Bello.

However, the executive committee made another line up, opting for Jafali Chande and Kamwendo in it.

And during the match, Kamwendo was completely outclassed by the former Nomads reject Kondwani Kumwenda who scored the only goal to inspire Bullets to a hard-fought 1-nil victory over their rivals.

To make matters worse, Chande’s partnership with Wadabwa bore no fruits as the duo failed to register any shot at goal and were eventually substituted.

Despite being the ones responsible in fielding players during the defeat, the  committee has summoned the technical panel to explain as to how they lost to Bullets in a match where Wanderers dominated.

Joseph Kamwendo

Joseph Kamwendo was not ‘too’ fit for the fixture.

General Secretary for the club Mike Butao confirmed the development saying all Nomads supporters are waiting for answers on what is going on at the club despite having cream of players.

“We have indeed called for a meeting with the technical panel to explain as to why do we keep on struggling in the league despite having cream of players at the club. It is our responsibility to speak on behalf of the fans who are currently frustrated with the results,” he said.

The latest defeat leaves Wanderers in the 10th place with 29 points from 20 games and if they are to win the league, they must win at least six games in a row to catch the set pacers.

The Nomads have now failed to beat their rivals in eleven attempts. The last time Wanderers won against Bullets was in 2011 but since then, they have been playing second fiddle to the defending league champions.

Their next league assignment will be a trip to Lilongwe for two crucial games against Civo Service United on Saturday before meeting Kamuzu Barracks 24 hours later.




  2. Dont mislead pple, there is never politics in football cycles. Politics is art of running the affairs of government and the same cant apply in football. Just talk about internal conflicts of interest. Leave politics to MPs, ministers, and the missing but coming one

  3. Executive kulowesa ma player awo oitanidwa nkukhala kananji it was supposed to be kananji calling the stupid executive why their team lost to a strong team in the name of BIG BULLETS.Osamalowelela where you dont have papers.
    Tizingokupondani basi nkazi wathu iwe sigele noma.
    Pamberi ndi BB pansi ndi nomaaaaa

  4. Executive kulowesa ma player awo oitanidwa nkukhala kananji it was supposed to be kananji calling the stupid executive why their team lost to a strong team in the name of BIG BULLETS.Osamalowelela where you dont have papers.

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