Am not joining any party, I am still in MCP – Jumbe


Months after being expelled from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Member of Parliament for Salima Central Felix Jumbe says he is still a member of the party.

Jumbe was shown the exit door from the party two months ago on allegations that he acting was against party rules.

Felix Jumbe

Jumbe (standing); Am still in MCP.

However, Jumbe says he has no plan to join another party, claiming that though he got expelled from the party he is still a member of MCP and no one can expel him from the party.

“I am not joining another party, am still in MCP. They could have fired me at a convention because that is where true and official decisions are made,” said Jumbe.

He further wondered why people in the party are clapping hands for leaders who are contravening the party’s rules. Jumbe was expelled from MCP alongside Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, Azam Mwale and former chairman for southern region Denis Nathumba.

The party also suspended party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema pending disciplinary hearing.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma together with 12 District Chairmen recently made headlines after calling for emergency convention to elect new party leader saying Lazarus Chakwera is the worst leader the party has ever hard.



  1. Apite ku mbctv akafotokoze tiwone ngati akampatse mpata oyankhula munthu wonyoza utsogoleri wake alibe malo pano pa dziko, iye ngati munthu wanzeru amayenera kutsatira protocol ya chipani pofuna kufotokoza maganizo ake osati kupita pa mbc

  2. Right move don’t join any party, just go to round and discuss your difference at the end say sorry MCP and let’s get moving. You don’t loss any thing by saying I’m sorry we will welcome you back.

  3. Akukuna atakhala pulezidenti wa MCP koma Eeeeeeish iyi ndiye Swala yamunthu. Mr MBC wide mouth, a very stupid Fool and a Big loser. Ichi ndiye ayi ndithu chimunthu chopanda manyazi ngati mu Kalasi Sanalowe. Fotseki kkkkkkkk

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  5. Its too late bro, find some thing to do if politics doesn’t suit you. you think people were happy when you was trying to devid big organisation like MCP? huh? stop old politics you can’t fool anyone these day people knows who right and who is wrong

  6. Andale M’mafuna Kutipusitsa Ife Okutsatirani Koma Anthu Tidazindikira mumayambana pemene wina akufunanso ponona pomwepo.koma ndibwino kudikira nthawi yako .

  7. Eeee wailenga waona kuti kulali Ongwengwe vp tinagwetsa
    O Ebel Kayembe tidaundumula
    OChilapondwa tidakhazika pansi
    Ongondo phenyekere mdothi
    Ted Kalebe fwafwantha
    Uwafuse Ontaba
    Uyu waku Mitundu wa Chimutu ngati pedegu saukuoneka piano
    Imeneyo ndiyo Central

  8. Wakufunsa ndani?? Chisankho chili ndiwe kujoina pena ayi… Kapena unayamba wamvapo kuti DDP ikuitana @Jumbe kuti akajoine nawo Chipani ndichifukwa nwabwera poyera kulidziwitsa dziko kuti mukadali a chipani cha MCP??? Kkk nkhani ngati idzi enafe tikungoseka

  9. He knows that constitutionally that if he can join another party, there will be by election in his constituency. There are a lot of goats i sheep skin in this govt egMzomera, Winiko, Jumbe himself and alot are just mouthtight . Come 2019, you will see them coming out of their slumbers

    • He was expelled that means he lost his membership from the party. He is now an independent member and the constitution does not bar him from joining any party. Read again the constitution boss

    • Which constitution guarantees that if an mp is expelled by party officials then he/she is independent and can join any party? Bear in mind that an mp is elected by contituents not party officials.Only those who won independently have that option

  10. Why not, he is surely an MCP member but I think an ordinary one. I thought dpp would absorb him since they are specialists in accommodating rejects.

    • Am a straight communicator, I dont feel shy to say that dpp has a bigger share in the problems rocking MCP, the former use their ungodly monies to distabilise other parties. In fact dpp is not development oriented but rather corruption oriented, its leader is just so miserable that he cant even solve basic problems Malawi is facing. In fact most problems Malawi is facing are man-made, APM created them due to his failed leadership

    • The truth is that the dull APM has a share of the problems under discussion here. I always wonder what makes the few pipo who still stick to APM to be doing so, if APM was a machine i would say it has reached savage value, there is literally nothing u can expect from such a dull personality even if u give him 100 years to rule Malawi

    • APM has blamed almost everything including God for his failures. If intelligence could be available in shops i would advise APM to buy some!

    • KKKKKKKK you are very very intelligent Mr Chunga. These fuckers don’t know that IBU is a dead Fotseki Polofesa? KKKKKKKK!! A Total Failure…

    • Robins I wish APM well bcoz he is a human being but I doubt if he will reach even 2017, he has inflicted too much injustice on the poor that he is now having no peace of mind hence heart-related diseases which can claim his life any time

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