College of Health Sciences workers strike over salaries

Malawi College of Health Sciences
Malawi College of Health Sciences
A placard at the gate carrying a message demeaning the leadership at the college.

Workers at the Malawi College of Health Sciences in Blantyre on Monday started staging a protest against the top management over its failure to revisit their salaries and for what they say is inhuman treatment on them.

By 9.AM the workers had sealed the entrance to the campus with tree branches and pasted placards that carried various messages on their burning issues. One of the placards read ‘Tatopa ndikudya Zonyenyeka.’’  A message in the vernacular language which means they are tired of receiving peanuts.

The other placards demand the expulsion of the college Executive Director whom they openly accused of incompetence.

Malawi College of Health Sciences
‘Tatopa ndikudya zonyenyeka’

One of the workers told our reporter that they are pushing for a 30% salary increment but it is believed the top management is blocking their requests.

The percentages are also subject to change according to the source. ‘’We are being treated badly and our current perks do not tally with the work we do,” he said.

In unison with this was one placard which read “Fair days work for fair days pay. Salary alignment is our priority.’’ Top management were not available for comment.

Malawi24 understands that the workers intend to carry on with the protests until their request is addressed or the top management is moved from the college.