Butchery owner jailed for selling dead body


A man who owns a butchery in Dedza has been sentenced to five years in prison for selling the dead body of a girl understood to be under the age of five.

Dedza Police spokesperson Cassim Manda identified the suspect as 29 year-old Henry Julio, a well-known businessman who owns a butchery at Chimbiya trading centre in the district. Court

The court heard through state prosecutor Patrick Chambuluka   that Julio was arrested at a rest house while possessing a big travelling bag which contained the body of the child.

Chambuluka told the court that Julio was offering the body for sale and a possible buyer escaped during the arrest.

Julio was charged for possessing and offering for sale a human body contrary section 16 subsection (a) of Anatomy Act.

In court, after hearing from the defence and prosecutions sides, first grade magistrate Mwambo convicted Julio.

Before the sentence was passed, the state through Chambuluka prayed for a stiffer sentence saying the parents of the child are still mourning for their child while Julio through his counsel Kadzakumanja told the court that he is an orphan.

But the magistrate said the conduct and behaviour of the convict cannot be condoned hence he slapped him with a five year jail term.

Meanwhile, Manda has expressed satisfaction with the sentence saying it would deter would be offenders.

“Whether with counsel or without counsel, Malawi police should stick with justice no matter how far the case will take,” said Manda.

Julio hails from Nankumba village, Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza.

9 thoughts on “Butchery owner jailed for selling dead body

  1. only five yrs mmmmmmmm mulandu wakumphawu mwaonjeza think twice b4 u judge.

  2. The story has left out very crucial details: How did the child die, and how did he manage to have the body? Is it possible that he murdered the child? Good reporting should have done some investigation to provide these basic facts.

  3. You mean 5 years to a person who take a life? Come on guys, i think you are not serious, waw

  4. Kodi dzikoli likupita kuti abale? people are coming up with new forms of sins not recorded in the bible or quran. zovuta kwabasi

  5. shame! are these courts serious? somebody found in possession of a dead body offering it for sale is given 5 years and here is the other situation where one is found guilty of defilement is slapped with 14 years IHL? which of these two cases is lighter than the other? something needs to be done in the judiciary.

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