Three Malawi police officers in custody over missing rifle


Three Malawi police officers have been arrested for failing to account for a rifle and live ammunitions at Kaporo Police unit in Karonga.

The arrested officers have been identified as Sergeants Macheso, Paloti, and Chikoti.

police malawi
Police have arrested fellow officers. (File photo)

The police officers exchanged shifts between 2pm on Wednesday and 9am on Thursday and it was during that period when the rifle serial number K008085 together with 13 rounds of live ammunitions got missing

According to reports, one of the officers at the unit Sergeant Maleta discovered that the said rifle was missing from its safe keeping place after taking over shift from Chikoti. This raised suspicions and shift activities were followed.

It was discovered that no proper handover of items was done when Macheso was taking over shift from Paloti at 2pm on Wednesday and the same happened when Macheso was handing over shift to Chikoti just before 1am on Thursday.

Meanwhile the matter is under investigation as the three are in custody.