Malawians injured in bus accident in SA

Nyali Luxury coach

Scores of Malawians suffered injuries when a Nyali Luxury coach they were travelling in side swiped with another vehicle in South Africa.

Nyali Luxury coach
Nyali Luxury coach involved in the accident.

Zimbabwean media reported that the accident happened in the wee hours of Monday outside Musina town in the rainbow nation and it involved a Nyali bus which was travelling from Johannesburg going to Malawi via Zimbabwe.

Witnesses said several passengers including the bus driver suffered broken limbs but no death had been reported.

“The injured have been taken to Musina hospital for treatment. We arrived at the scene shortly after the incident. No deaths were reported yet, though many passengers incurred serious injuries,” a witness said.

He added that the bus trailer side-swiped with a small vehicle which was travelling in the opposite direction and it veered off the road and landed on its side, partially blocking the road.

Efforts to contact Nyali bus offices in Malawi and Johannesburg were unsuccessful.



  1. Enter in the bottle and burst,but Ill never stop firing and hiring as long as Iremain the boss of my Nyali Luxury Coaches.Is it your first time seeing abus accident.Vindere imwe.

  2. That has been happened due to reckless firing and hiring of the drivers of this company.Iwas the one passenger commercing the oppening of this company,at first we were happy with the drivers that were employed because we know them that they are good and well experienced drivers,but before even two months they were fired and being replaced by the other again aftr another month we saw aset of new drivers aswell.Last week we heard that they have hired another driver who has got astory of cupsizing the buses again,just last month he capsized another bus by the name Goliner.Please bus manager you should know that this journey is too long and needs well experinced drivers not just adriver.Learn a lesson Mr PRINCE!!!!The bus is just less than four month operational,nanga mmene mutathere chaka zigwa zingati……?????

  3. be careful maka maka ma driver yendesani bwino ndipo penyani patali…

  4. Very bad news-especially having the high spirit of visiting your family back home and get injured before u arrive.

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