31 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:11 AM

Trouble in Nomads camp: Supporters baying for Christopher Kananji’s blood

Be Forward Wanderers executive committee members have threatened to resign if club Vice Secretary Christopher Kananji is fired as called for by some section of the team’s supporters, Malawi24 has learnt.

Nomads fans

Some section of the Nomads fans wants Kananji fired.

The Nomads supporters committee wants Kananji to be fired accusing him of interfering with the supporters’ operations at the club and causing divisions between Nomads supporters in Lilongwe and in Blantyre.

Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao responded by issuing a threat that the whole executive committee led by George Chamangwana will resign if the supporters execute their plan to fire Kananji.

“If the supporters want Kananji to go, then they must fire all the executive committee,” Butao said.

The Nomads general secretary advised the supporters to concentrate on solving their mess in the supporters committee instead of firing the club vice secretary.

Mike Butao

Mike Butao; ‘lets sort issues amicably’.

“Instead of sorting out their issues within the supporters committee they are busy firing Kananji why?” queried Butao.

Butao further said that Kananji is still the club’s vice secretary and the supporters have no mandate to fire him in the Nomads camp.

“As long as we are concerned, Kananji is still the vice GS because supporters have no mandate to fire him,” he said.

On his part, Kananji said he cannot be fired by a group of 20 Blantyre based fans because he was elected by many supporters.

He said: “I was elected by over 400 people and it doesn’t make any sense for less than 20 people to demand for my removal. At least they were supposed to submit their grievances to either executive committee or trustees to summon me for a disciplinary hearing.”

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