MV Illala back on Malawian waters

Illala Malawi

It cannot be a death trap anymore and the problems of transport on Lake Malawi have been eased. After a long period of breakdown, Malawi’s ship MV Illala is now back on the waters of Lake Malawi.

According to one of the officials at Mota Engil which has been working on the ship day-in day-out, everything on the ship is intact.

Illala Malawi
Back on the waters.

The official, Austin Msowoya, said the engineering company took some time to finish repairing the ship because the machine had several and serious problems that led to the delay.

He added that they finished repairing the ship on Saturday, August 27 and the ship went on the lake the next day.

According to Msowoya, the ship was supposed to start sailing on the lake on Friday this week but they have started using it quickly because the other ship the company uses – Chilembwe ship – is also being repaired.

Meanwhile Mota Engil has since assured all passengers who use the ship that they will have it all the time saying the engineering company has rectified everything that was not working.



  1. a pitala ngati mwalephela kupanga chitukuko kumpoto osanamidzira fixing this old canoe that you call ilala.ngati dzakuvutani.ingololani 4ships zaku tanzania zija ziyambe kuyenda.kwinaku akutibela mafuta mnyanja.poti anazipanga ndima vesels opopa mafuta mnyanja.chamba baxi.sitikuonapo chanzelu apa.

  2. Anthu aku Likoma ndi chizumulu samalani mukamakwera simai mudzamila sitimai yakalamba idzakumizani ikufuna opita nae iyi.

  3. I don’t blame them since in this country nothing works emaging talking of buying anew one kkkkkkkk forget this is Malawi

  4. Since my childhood, I have been traveling in the waters of Lake Malawi using MV Chancy Maples,MV Mtendere but MV Illala is a genius

    This is from what I know…
    Welcome back MV Illala and feel at home

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  6. One day it will embarrass Malawians. One day it will speak volume of black words, it will turn from a ship into the mass grave, it will devour lives of innocent people. Why can’t we source some huge cash and procure another vessel at least modern one so that we save endangered lives of water transport users especially people from Likoma and those frequently make use of our current MV ILALA? This ship now is tired but it can’speak, it doesn’t like speaking but one day it will.

  7. How much does it cost to buy a new ship that is exactly like ilala???are we really serious as a nation kuti we can not afford to buy it??why are we still forcing this dearth trap or this disaster in waiting stuff to still be sailing m’nyanja mwathu??

  8. the only day this thing will stop for good, is when it will sink. this ship is really tired. you are now pushing it beyond limits.i really dont understand why malawi is spending so much on repairs instead of just buyin another ship, i just hope u not waiting for kamuzu to come back 1 day n buy another ship

  9. Kodi simungaguleko ina abale? ilala yakalamba iyi John chilembwe ndi azinzake akwera yomweyi mnthawi yawo. iiii anthu mumadziwa kukakamira sitima inu!!!! Tingoiotchapo tsopano

  10. Lero ndi lero sizingatheke kugula ina, chifukwa budget yake palibepo. Koma ikayenda miyezi ingapo, ndiye ayambe kupanga mapulani ogula ina panopa ndalama zathera kukonzera imeneyi ukuiwona apayi.

  11. Nsanje port, Ndata plus ma proceeds a ku Kayerekera sizikanakwana ship ya nyuwani? So people will one day perish because the ones on the helm don’t give a damn. Bwanji atsegulire iwowo ayikwere from Chipoka to Nkhatabay tione ngati angalole.

  12. 22 years of multi party democracy yet no new ship on Lake Malawi.These years have been a waste. We have monkeys for leaders. They don’t think. Malawi is not developing rather it’s going down. Too much corruption.

  13. I was in this ship in 1982 first time I went toMalawi seriously u still using and waiting on the same Ilala couldn’t u invest in newer ships and have a fleet that’s so sad really

  14. Penapali ponse pali imfa ngakhala magalimoto omwewa timamva kuti galimoto yagudubuka afa anthu mwakuti nthawi ikakwana yomwalira ngakhale muyende wapasi mutha kumwalirabe basi osati ilala yokha ai

  15. 4 how long Malawi ‘ll leave like this…… pliz buy the new1 can u imanogine chinthuchi adasiya asamunda kamuzu walamulira wabwera bakili walamulira wabwera Bingo wankulu walamulira , Joice Banda walamulira now….. bwana zowona simungayipange nyanjayi surprise assaaaaa!!!!!!!

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  17. hey people please I would like to inform you that don’t use this ship for your movement it will caouse a death when you use this trap.

  18. Good news for us we are using water transport Ilala wil save zanthimba it’s cheaper n bigger space for Likoma chizumulu Usisya n many more stages

  19. we dont fear anything tikwera zimenezi kaya muti ndiyankuntha mukudziwa ndinu kwa ife ndi ya new one and ikatifitsa kwanthu….ilala mv woye….

  20. Just buy a new one not that old when will Malawi change things government still keeps old things and force those to keep on working please we need to try another ways not to stick to old things ndi chifukwa amalawi sititukuka..

  21. In my view this is simply a disaster in waiting. This ship is old enough to force it to go back for human use. We had better left it as an artificial reef

  22. Does this ship makes money? 4rm my understand it carries cargo and pple who pay. Why not buy a new modern one with bigger capacity. It wil pay back on its on. It will be also used as a cruise tourist attraction. That will be a big investment. Its like fixing an 1900 car with new parts that will cost the price of the car it self. Lot of Europeans,Asians even Africans like to visit lake Malawi because of fresh waters it contains. So we need to attract foreign and local tourists with new modern stuff that they feel safe. I dont trust that ship. Simple buy a new one.

  23. Koma abale inu ulendo wa pa madzi wosautsa dzedi.
    Kuyang’ana uku madzi okhaokha ukunso madzi okhaokha. SHAAAAAAAH!

  24. Kodi mukufuna mpaka sitimayi idzapite ndi anthu eti? Mv mtendere ndi mwana kwa ilala Kona it’s inagonja y???????

  25. Rip ilala sizathekanso ngakhale alume mano ngati zilipo zimbongo zo bola kugulila cgimanga tizidya oolokawo zawo izo asova okha konko

  26. Sitima ya asamunda kakaka mutha nazo anthu komaso atsogoleri opanda manyazi apita komxeko amvekere woye woye ena pipi ena kwacha ena yuu zazii mufuna muphe kaye anthu muzizati ndine wachisoni kkkkkk akuti for life pokakwera uziwiletu kuti RIP kusewela pa msampha

  27. If you want to die in Lake Malawi keep on using ILALA kkkk the ship that belong to Museum is still used to transport people and Cargo

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