30 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:09 AM

MV Illala back on Malawian waters

It cannot be a death trap anymore and the problems of transport on Lake Malawi have been eased. After a long period of breakdown, Malawi’s ship MV Illala is now back on the waters of Lake Malawi.

According to one of the officials at Mota Engil which has been working on the ship day-in day-out, everything on the ship is intact.

Illala Malawi

Back on the waters.

The official, Austin Msowoya, said the engineering company took some time to finish repairing the ship because the machine had several and serious problems that led to the delay.

He added that they finished repairing the ship on Saturday, August 27 and the ship went on the lake the next day.

According to Msowoya, the ship was supposed to start sailing on the lake on Friday this week but they have started using it quickly because the other ship the company uses – Chilembwe ship – is also being repaired.

Meanwhile Mota Engil has since assured all passengers who use the ship that they will have it all the time saying the engineering company has rectified everything that was not working.

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