24 August 2016 Last updated at: 6:43 AM

Malawian Church launches special service for people who want riches

A church in Mzuzu city has launched a special Sunday service for people who aspire to be rich, Malawi24 has been informed.

The church, Christ Fellowship Centre for All Nations (CFCAN), has defended the service saying the God who created people does not lack hence all His creation that follow His precepts should not lack.

Apostle Dr. Kayala launches Ambassador's Service

Apostle Dr. Kayala launches Ambassador’s Service.

The service which has been called ‘Ambassadors Service’ is expected to be held at the Ministry’s headquarters behind Northern Region Water Board’s Kawiluwilu House in Mzuzu.

“The service is for those that want to be wealthy and prosperous,” said Apostle Dr. M.C. Hellings Kayala of Kayala of the church.

According to him, the service is designed for the working class, business persons and all other people that want to hit it big in the financial world.

“It is a service where I will share with those that come on how to achieve financial triumph. I am a technocrat in the physical world as far as issues of finances are concerned, but during this service I will manifest my God-given grace and anointing that brings increase and multiplication in all aspects of life. Gold and silver are for God, so those with God will be with gold and silver,” said Dr. Kayala who holds an MBA and a PhD in Theology.

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