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Blaze, Ril B still fighting over Mwini Zinthu ownership

Mwini Zinthu fell into the listeners’ zone earlier this year and it has gone all the way to top charts and record high numbers of downloads on Malawi’s music sites but musicians Ril and Blaze are still fighting over the ownership of the song.

A lot has been said about who claims ownership to the hit song and it has been claimed that Blaze was only featured on the song and Ril B is the owner.


Blaze performing Mwini Zinthu on stage alone.

Some fans say Ril B who is an up and coming artist used Blaze who is established so as to gain fame on the Malawi music scene which is largely believed to be a game of chance while others claim Blaze does not want to accept the song is not his just because it has become popular beyond expectations.

It has also been reported that Ril B was intending to sue Blaze over the song.

During the Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy Concert that was staged at College of Medicine Sports Complex last Sunday, Malawi24 caught up with Blaze who said he believes he is equally a claimant to the product just like Ril B.

“If ownership is based on who was responsible for the studio charges then it’s Ril B’s song but if ownership is based on who is behind the lyrics then it is mine,” said Blaze when speaking to Malawi24.

The Nzakufusira Chibale hit maker claims to have written the song including Ril B’s verse.

However, the controversy has prevented them from performing the song together during events.

“We are quarreling and that is why you have not seen us performing the song together, but I have decided to put a full stop to all this because I cannot damage my reputation over one song yet I have many tracks,” he said.


Malawi24 Entertainment reporter Lyonike Mughogho with Blaze (In white) after the exclusive interview.

The singer solely performed the song during the Carlsberg event much to the audience’s satisfaction as they sang along from the word go to the word stop.

That was after he had performed two other songs, Sudziwa and Bayum Thii. In Mwini Zinthu, Blaze did the chorus and two verses, the first and the last whereas Ril B only did the second verse.

This is one of the many factors that makes the latter to be overshadowed in a project he claims to be its master.

Commenting on Malawi music, the singer who is currently in Blantyre said it is going in the right direction.

He argues that if artists like him can pay their bills out of music then things are fine and okay.

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