57 Malawians slapped with illegal entry charges in South Africa


The government of South Africa has disclosed that it is to file charges of illegal entry against 57 Malawian children found at the back of a van in the rainbow nation last month.

This follows investigations by South African authorities who found that the parents of the children knew that the youngsters were leaving Malawi.

Confirming the development, Malawi’s minister of foreign affairs Francis Kasaila said their counterparts have filed cases of illegal entry in South Africa against the 57 citizens of Malawi.

“They conducted investigations and they found that these people were communicating to families and friends in South Africa about their journey and believe that they were travelling without proper documentation and that’s the serious part of it.

South Africa Police“Even back here we haven’t received reports of missing children and this means parents know something about these minors as certified according to laws in South Africa,” said Kasaila.

He then advised parents to stop sending children to other countries arguing that the move shows that they are irresponsible.

Meanwhile, the South African government is yet to send the minors back to Malawi.

The young Malawians were held in July after South African law enforcers intercepted their van near Rustenburg.

The Police arrested one suspect and he appeared in a court to answer charges of human trafficking.



  1. Dr bakili muluzi tizakudandaulani mpaka kale. Pamene kamuzu amachoka m,boma anasiya macompany ambiri aboma, inu munayamba kugulitsa macompay aboma like ndi akwanu as a result ulova sukuchepa lero, taonani achinyamata kuzunzika muliyenda kamba kofuna ganyu.

  2. No need to point out that they are from Mangochi or mzimba.phalombe.Blantyre.salima we r all malawians, If you love your fellow malawians u have to feel sorry for these youngsters, it’s bcz the government is failing to create jobs

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