No rest for Mutharika: University of Malawi students gang up against him


His directive that fees at University of Malawi (UNIMA) constituent colleges fall by just K50,000 might have shown his sympathy for the students but the students have indicated they will not accept the cut no matter what happens.

A document circulating among students from the Polytechnic advises all the students not to pay the new fees when the next calendar rolls out.

Malawi Students arrested for protesting

Poly students against ‘minimal’ fee cut. 9Students demos at Poly. (Library.)

The letter from the Polytechnic Students Union also reveals of the idea of holding another demonstrations against the hike.

‘’…Joint peaceful demonstrations and indefinite vigil at University Council offices with our sister colleges should be held until our campaign bears the intended fruits,” the letter reads.

It is understood that the students want up to K100,000 cut. Mutharika made the directive when he was meeting leaders of student unions from constituent colleges of University of Malawi.

The K50,000 cut Mutharika ordered will now see generic students paying K350,000 from K400,000 while mature students at College of Medicine (Com) are to be paying K1,000,000 from K1,400,000.

Their colleagues in the health sector from Kamuzu College of Nursing will pay K700,000 from K1,000,000.

But the Malawi leaders have been slammed for what critics say is a ‘minimal cut’ to the fees.

Last month, demos held at Chancellor College saw the college being sealed with the rioting students stopping the convoy that was carrying the US Second lady Jill Biden who was on a three day visit to Malawi.



  1. Ma private secondary ena school fees ndi 350000 ena 400,000 nde akapolonu kumadandaula ndi 350,000 ku collage mulibe manyazi

  2. mr chisambi becareful with your comments, if u have money just keep quite, not all students who are at unima have enough resources. if employed pple like me am finding it tough going what about a pesant farmer at home? think first i hope you go to church or mosque.


  4. nkhondo idzayamba chifukwa cha ana asukuluwa.coz iwowa ali kumbuyo kwa otsutsa boma(MCP).fees ili bwino kwambiri,koma akufuna chiani? ana a sukulu afela za eni.asilikali ayenera kugwira ntchito chifukwa apolisi akuwadelera.bwanji mumalimbana ndi DPP? DPP ikupangabe chitukuko ku madera a otsutsa boma.mulibe manyazi otsutsa

  5. guys let’s coment molingalira bho,mpaka mwat ife makolo athu ndiosauka tisakusiokonen? mwaganza bwanj po comenta zmenezo,tizit cmukudziwa kut ufulu wamaphuzilo ndi waliyese? ganzan bwino muxanacomente.

  6. ife tingofuna chikhwaya cha ma million tilowe ku khalango zida zosasowa ayi,tithane nayi mkulu ameyi mpati pamene amaika zida ife sitipadziwa,tiyamba kuwatcha zida zawo kenako tiyiyamba muwona, amalawi mwina nkuchangamuka .alomwe kumankudyera inu muli bwiiii kupusa mudzakhala okanda mpaka kale!

  7. most of the bad comments against students are coming from the angry mob who were left out of unima. Mkwiyo wa dzana uja ulipobe nde its better muzingoyang’ana mnene zithere because you lost your sting that time you failed to qualify haha. Mind you no problem is solved out of anger. FEESMUSTFALL on the move!

    • Hi pal. You are thinking on a misguided belief my friend. I was one of the person who scored better at my MSCE but i was unfortunate because i didn’t make it to any public college. However, i secured a better deal and ended up doing a nice program than i was intending to do at public college. I praise Lord for that. However, I hold no anger towards anyone coz i believe that everything happens for a purpose in life and now I feel like it was nice to be left out of public college.
      Your comment is worrisome brother

    • infact i dont want to make anyone happy! if you have authority to what you are saying just do it without boring some on the media. when you say leave college and go farming just indicate your jelousy. if not give proper reasoning than rubbish you are posting. akuoneni ndani? Zoti anthu kuMalawi kuno akuvutika ukudziwa kapena you are just posting anything while in front of your plasma? Think big like a human with a heart! Okay!

  8. this is the tome when you realize that primary xool teachers and policemen are highly educated dudies they completed college and now they getting their salary

  9. Still UNIMA and other public universities remain cheapest. We got a lot of students in the pvt institutions offering similar services and paying three and half times the amount u are saying its too much. Do u think they are all coming from rich families or they performed poorly at MSCE? In fact some did much better @ MSCE than most of u who call yourself intellectuals but because they had no chance and other political reasons and policies which acted to their detriment.
    The govt has a lot of issues at hand and your issue is less important as the solution is easy compared to other government problems[think of cashgate names, hunger, HIV/AIDS, just to mention a few] as u can simply quit and stop stressing up people. You will not be the first to quit on school on schl fees ground neither be the last.
    U had a chance to talk to your Chancellor and my assumption is that u agreed the K50,000 cut otherwise you’d have bargained further if u didn’t agree and today u saying school fees must what….? Do u know how patients are starving in hospitals? Talk of medical supplies, meals …? Think of other sectors…. so u think u are more important than the rest? Open up your eyes intellectuals and start facing the world in a much realistic way .
    Tertiary education is very expensive and will never be cheap everywhere in the world and what u are paying is just a drop of water in an ocean and u want it to be absolutely free?

  10. Still UNIMA and other public universities remain cheapest. We got a lot of students from the pvt institutions offering the same services paying three and half times the amount u are saying its too much. Do u think their are all rich or they performed poorly at MSCE? In fact some did much better than most of u who call yourself intellectuals but because of they had no chance and other political reasons which acted to their detriment. The govt has a lot of issues at hand and your issue is less important as the solution is easy compared to other government problems as u can simply quit and stop stressing up people. You will not be the first to quit on schl fees ground neither be the last. U had a chance to talk to the your Chancellor and u agreed the K50,000 and today…….

  11. Ngati sakufuna sukulu asiye. .zotengera basi..Malawi n dziko losauka silingakwanise kupereka university education ulere…ngati mwatopa kakhaleni pansi…

  12. I some times admire Malawian Students attitudes it’s very good to show the government that you have vision of things not the shits happen here in My Country in Mozambique, it’s a bulshit they make sure to chase everybody behind this and would have been sent away from the University, Big Up for u go on

  13. Munthu amene akulimbana nayoyo alikale pamwamba kuposa Iwo mmalo moti apange za tsogolo.its not part of chasing the wind? Since if a scholar started demo while u still in the chamber, the results r limiting your future.

  14. tizingomva phokoso lanu? Munapita ku kamuzu palace konko osapanga challenge APM’yo bwa?..paliponse bax tizimva FEES MUST FALL? Tiyeni kumudzi tikalime basi .za sukulu zalephera…mukamatchanso then ‘Police should do what it knows best……..ZAUSIRU

  15. Zoonadi ngat ndalama palibe zituleni pansi basi! Angakwanitsewo atero m’malo mongononga nthawi ya ena nanga m’madziyambiranji mukudziwa kt simulimba! Shame.

  16. kodi daily tizikhalira kumva za fees,moyo wa masiku ano ndi take it or leave it,oyamba kuphunzira dzikoli siinu nokha and there r alot of inteligent people out there analephera school cos of lack of fees,sme of them worked hard in busineses,nw they are milionaires,mwatikwana,after all or atsitse fees,mukapita ku school ko ntchito kuyenda ndi amuna a eni ake,kuledzera ndi chamba basi,if u say Peter has failed why not tell akukutumaniwo azikulipilirani bwanji ngati ali madolo so they can prove the failures wrong,evrywhere in the world school is never cheap,ku nigeria simmaona ena akulephera kulipira JAMB fees nkuyisiya school?Si za mu film its reality,kuli anzanu akumva kuwawa mma private colege,amount yanuyo they pay pa 6 months,more than that + mayeso,they strugle to pay nt bcos they are rich but wanting an education,inu munapeza mwayi wa boma mukuseweretsa,anthu osayamika,RUBBISH

    • tiye uko iwe, ungamulipilire mwana wako 400 000 iwe? mind you we didnt come here on our financial capability ww came here for our academic competitiveness wamva? so dont look clever here

    • Choka kape iwe David mzee you are just talk but your thinking capacity is limited.ife tinamenya 10 points koma sitinatengedwe mpakana we struggled up until now am better off,ngati simungakwanitse xul yambani kulima basi. #feeshasfallen_accept_it_or_live_xul

    • David….school..kuyambira kale sinatchipeko…mufunse makolo anu..analephera school..thawi ya kamuzu….nde ufufuze kut..thawi imeneyo school fees inali bwanj?….Chilichonse chimayenderana mdi thawi….,,kuyambira kut uphunzire timavutikira si za by chance……..en ndikunena pano ana ena ku sekondale nawo akukanika kuoereka fees…komatu mwina ndi ten..thousand…..,,nde ndibwino..ngat mwakana kutsilidwa apulezident atsitse Fees..kusekondary bas…chifukwa kumeneko enanso akubvutika pa size yawo..musamazione ngat inu..nde ofunikila kwambiri……..Ngat pali Zitsiru..padziko lapansi pano..nde inu Anthu ophumzira..ndimanetsa mobwerezabwereza..Nzanu..Nde Peter..Nonse Ndiopepera…..most of de tym I compare mafumu..omwe amaoneka osaphunzira koma akutha..kutsogolera midzi bwino…….than stupit Educated pple….

    • Academic competitiveness indeed sir!truth hurts,ife 400 yo chibadwire sitinayioneko thats why tikuti zikavuta munthu umadzitula,u wont be the first neither wil u b the last,the world does nt revolve around u neither does it favour evryone,Govt has lots of problems to solve,bwanji akagule kaye zakudya kuchipatala and drugs,than attending to your childish tantrums,pple r dying in hospitals,so dnt make urself priorities and give moya headache??????????.

    • Esther, I agree with u 100% . We are struggling to pay for pvt University 3 times what they claim to be too much not we are rich but the passion for academic excellence AND not that we performed poorly at MSCE but becoz of we had no chance and other political reasons which favoured some of the so called intellectuals. The maths is simple, what do u do when u can’t afford to buy something? If u can’t manage pliz just quit

    • The issue here is resistance for the change,, the situation sounds painfull just because some condtions of fee increment are taken out e.g in the past the increased fee was only applying for the newly intake with no impact for continuing students,. in 2011 the fee was raised from 50grang to 250grand which was more than 100% increment but no one complained coz the hike affected only a smaller propotion of the students and the govment was able to sponsor more students,,.. now i understand the increment is less than 100% but it has bring anger among the students just coz it applies to all categories and the govment is no longer sponsoring the students,. it’s becoming hard to suffer with the same education that even some of our leaders enjoyed before, neverthless these are days of economic crisis and am seeing no one to blame,so dont blame the students it is a hard situation indeed to adapt even peter knows only that he has alot to solve.

    • Then let him solve wthout violence,dont u think its easier to get smthing when u ask nicely?even from our parents do we go barking and breaking plates,burning things?Its ur right to ask for fee deduction bt be civilised and considerate

  17. Lets Agree..mukaphunzira pamtengo Otsikawo..osati muzandibvutitse kut mukufuna salary yambiri yet. Mukulowetsa zochepa……komanso..Ndisazaone wina akuthawira kunja ku Katukula dziko la yeni..pomwe Ine dziko lake MALAWI ..mdamuthandiza!!!…..,ngat mwagwirizana nanzo..nde kut..fees ndiyifikitsa pa mtengo waku secondary….

  18. Running Gavernment its serious business,dnt think that president he is only think about dat, its like u r crying with ur pie!!! go around in world and found out where u cn get less dan dat u are demandng!!! dnt give headc people as if u cn run it propperly….

    • #Nick,ur president is not fit to Rule, tandiuza zomwe wapanga zochepa zomwe zathandiza Malawi???? Since he took over palibe chomwe chikuoneka, ndalama ndiye ma bungwe and maiko akutumizabe zili kuti???? Kodi malata ndi chakudya chofunika ndichani? Subsidy malata chonseho anthu akugona ndinjala and nanga ndi angati omwe anagula malata otchepa? Talk is cheap my bro, musatipusitse and ngati mukudya nawo sorry 2019 ur out with ur president ok.

    • Man…Zofunika kutsitsa nzambiri..ngat apulezident akutstsilniko wez…bas…say thanks………dont think kut school..ndiyoposa chilichonse…anthu ophunzira nde zitsirunso kwambiri pa dziko lapansi….including ur APM…,,

  19. Fighting for free university education in all government colleges makes sense but won’t end well. If they succeed, the rich people will still have upper hand in terms of quality in higher education in private colleges. These students are copying everything from South Africa. One thing I don’t understand thou how can you pay secondary education about k200.000 and demand free university education?

  20. Musamasokonedze anthu akufuna adziphunzira ngati mulibe ndalama mutha kumakalima ndi makolo anu, Anzanu ndalama alinadzo, Chifukwa chiyani mmapitako mukudziwa kuti bambo anu amangokhalira kumwa malaida mmudzimu??????Shut up musatisokose ife

  21. enawo kt muwafuse fees yomwe amapereka ali ku sec. Xul u be surprised with their attitude now kkkk do students pay fees or gurdians do so who is eligible on this?

  22. Kkkkk ana awa amango ndiwaza akamamatcha school yawo sama phwanya kapena kugumula amango yatsa moto chonchi ndiku maotha ndiku zizilaku nde kwacha ya fika pochititsa manyazi angwazi wa anaku chotchelani pang.ono kwinaku aku panga manyazi kuti aku chotselani zingati chifukwa ataka suntha kakwacha ka fees kanapezeka kuti kana imila pa 50.000 nde sizo owononga zinthu zaanthu munsewu ndima mbama mungo panga za nkulu wake wa bingu zo basi sindamene akupangitsa kuti ziipe

  23. I can see Nyasatimes editor is deleting my comments here!
    Malawians full of envy,hunger,disease, and so on When will you change for a positive altitude? or When will you realise that this government is not worthy defending and Chose a leader that fights for the poor?The leader who awaken you?Hell will break loose soon!

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  25. Mbuzi izi sizikufuna kuphuzila ziku funa ifike pa 2500 osango wauza amakolo anu bwanji ku school yandula muziti phuzitsa amakaka miza mukupanga zinthu zosemphana ndi dziko zinazi ndindale izi taona mukufuna aku uzeni kuti muziphuzila ulele mudzingo peleka ma 30 kwacha alonda kapena kkkk