Malawians blame chiefs over hyena practices

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children

Malawians in the country have blamed traditional leaders for being behind harmful cultural practices arguing that the chiefs encourage the practices.

The development comes at a time when Malawi has made international headlines following a confession by Eric Aniva that he slept with over 100 girls in a cultural practice known as “hyena”.

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children
Eric Aniva: was paid to sleep with children.

The media coverage forced President Peter Mutharika to call for immediate arrest of Aniva arguing that the hyena’s action sees him on the wrong side of the law.

The arrest has since sparked controversy with Malawians blaming chiefs for encouraging the harmful practices in their areas.

Commenting on Malawi24’s post, Malawians also urged Mutharika to engage chiefs in ending bad cultural practices that have negative impacts on citizens of the country.

“It is shameful that people all along knew these practices and they choose to ignore among them being our local leaders and now look at what that means to those girls,” wrote Willy Kachale.

While Patricia Mwangondya wrote: “It is sad that people know and choose to ignore, parents and chiefs have betrayed the future of these girls in the name of traditional practice.”

Another commenter Saini Misoya Saini blamed parents for pushing their children into the practice and paying the hyena.

In an interview with the BBC, Aniva revealed that he slept with over 100 women and girls, some as young as 12. For the services, he was paid about K2000 but he claimed that he now performs fewer cleansings.



  1. Mind you kulowa kufa ndi fisi ndizinthu ziwiri zosiyana, ngakhale eric mumange mungozivuta kulowa kufa sikuzatha and we can not be moved, kulowa kufa started way back before your president was born. Ndiye tikaleke pano mwatopenga chani. Why are you finding it difficult to embrace the values and beliefs of other traditions? Free aniva their is no crime comitted. Mangani nduna 7

  2. What wisdom do you find in jailing this innocent guy? Ndani kwawo alibe miyambo kapena chikhalidwe? Kodi mwamva lero za afisi? Nanga mumachitapo chiyani nthawi yonseyi? Tikafuna kusiya zakale sibwino kuzunzana chifukwa ngakhale zikhulupiriro zonse ziliko pano zidapeza makolo athu akutsata zimenezi. I dont see the reason of faulting this guy yet you call yourself a traditional man, how?

  3. Hey Mw24,which Malawians u talking about.
    Malawi z Malawi jst bcoz of,Chiefs,Culture,and Traditions after all Malawi can’t do without that,in evry reason theirs a reason.

  4. Iwe misheal kamalakwaanthu, I don’t have time to against you ! First, ur ENGLISH is very shit , Dog’s shit, now B4 you post ur comment please ,u must read it yourself to make sure that the Subject and the Verb are well communicated . Go again to school and study much about the Subject- Verb Agreement then there after, come and against me . If you don’t have time to study it , just Go and Fuck hard ur sisters including ur mom , do you understand ? Fuck off !!!

    1. I am trying to find wht the so called Misheal Has posted unfortunately I cant see it. Now, #Maganizo we dont correct a person’s immorarity by using immoral means. Why can’t you be sober? And, for the sake of argument it is fallacious to attack a person rather than their line of thinking.

  5. Ndikuonapo mfundo zopanda pake apa zambili, ochepa akuganiza bwino. Choyamba, mudziwe kt kuchisena kulibe fisi ndipo anthuwa ndi chikhalidwe chawo koma ambiri mukutengera kt ndinu a mtundu wanji zomwe zili zopanda nzelu chifukwa tonse ndife aAmalawi. Kod za ma gay osazikana bwanji ndipo mumakhala chete y? I second the chiefs for their fearless speaking and must go on coz its wat we believe.

  6. That’s the truth, that the chiefs are responsible for this malpractice! And truly, they should also face the mighty arm of the law,alongside their man!
    And this so called fisi,should not be spared the chop,because he new beforehand that he was HIV positive, yet he chose not to disclose it,secondly, he solicited money from the parents to his merit, while fully aware of his status, and lastly, he chose not to use protection when defiling his victims!

  7. Mchitidwe opusau wachulukira kwambiri m’madera ngati chikwawa, Nsanje, Ntcheu , Balaka ndi Dedza. Maboma amenewa amakonda kulowa fisi ,sinkhani ina koma kuti ambiri mwaanthu okhala m’mabomawa zasukulu sikwenikweni, choncho nchifukwa amakonda kwambiri za uchitsiruzi. Apa mpofunika kungothetsa zopusazi ,Opezekayo zikalima kabintchi kundende basi.

    1. Mbava ngati iwe xool ukukambayo wafika pati, ndipo ukutani pano? Usamazikweze kumaona ngat wafikapo kudali anzako oposawe koma sadafike nazo patali. Ngati umaganiza kt maboma watchulawa kulibe ophunzira walemba mmadzi zomwe angathe kuwerenga ndi mtundu wakwanu wokha.

    2. iwe ndi wopusa kwambiri…kodi ntchito yamafumu mmidzi ndchani??..mayesa ngat kulimbikitsa chikhalidwe komanso zikhulupiliro chamadera omwe timakhala… studies sunaphunzire iwe!!dzetee

  8. Inu ife tikuti muntuluse munthu mwamumangayo sanalakwe,Makolo awana ndiwo olakwa amamupitira wokha kuti azakonze zitayo za ana awo,Oro mutatani chotero sizingatheke kuthetsa miyambo ya anzanu,Ngati ndikunama zitsatireni ku Nsanje akakutukwananiko ndithu mpaka kalekale miyambo ya asena izipitirira

  9. Kikk kuponyerana njoka yamoyo. Mafumu nawonso adzati blame makolo. Lets now put our head together no blaming each other and revise our cultures. We wil practise the right ones and leave the bad one. But we need to be careful because they are western cultures which goes against our cultures. That is where we come 4rom. Homosexual is against our culture that need to be respected. Lets not engage 90% of our life to adoptives culture. This must not be done in interest or to please the world to gain donors. But to keep our origin and our culture safe for the new genaration.

  10. Mwambo umayambira kwa amfumu oti unamwali uliwonse ukamachitika mfumu imakhala kuti yadyapo ndiye ndizodabwitsa ndizopanda mutu kuti Aniva akuvutika mundende pamene mafumu adera limenero awasiya

  11. The chiefs are the ones to blame bacause the so called hyena practice & other evil practices are done under their watch & they kept quite moreover they are the custodians of culture.

    1. Chiefs are not elected but inherite. So how can u fire them?Lets give chiefs time to revise our culture. They are not the ones who introduced them. They also inherited. Homosexual is not our culture but why the goverment is being pushed to accept. Lets do it to restore human rights not impress donor to get money.

    2. Lets not pretend that we didn’t know that the fisi thing was not exsisting. Who gave it the name fisi? It was there b4 u and me were born. But our generation is more educated. It was our duty to teach these old pple how danger it is. We cant just say to them stop this without good understanding. Blaming one another wil not make us find solution. It is a big thing now becoz it is worldwide. Thats why the goverment want to act now to avoid disapointments to the donors. There in overseas they have porn actors, why not ban them. Simple Malawi rely on donors and if donors get upset the country stops financial. But for our own purpose lets revise our culture without pressure 4rm outsiders. The chiefs inherited the culture and they is no law wil abid them to be arrested.

    1. Munthuyo Atuluke Kukanakhala Kuti Amawagwirira Anthuwo Akanapita Kokadandaula Koma Poti Unali Mgwirizano Palibe Nkhani Apa Amfumu Ndi Mavictim Onse Akudziwana. Had It Bn Those Victims Were Forcd Akanapita Kokadandaula Ndi Pamene Munthuyo Akanalandila Chilango Koma Izi Aaaaa! Tangotulusani Maina A Nduna Zija Zinadya Ndalama Apa.

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