TV personality Rex Chalenga to release two music collections


Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television (MBC TV) presenter Rex Chalenga has revealed that he will be making a double release of his epic and fixtape in months to come.

Rex Chalenga

Rex Chalenga has new projects.

The collections which have 14 tracks apiece, will find the gateway to the public on 19th October this year. Only separated by experiences that have laid motivation, the epic and the fixtape are united by an old school hip hop touch.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Thursday, Chalenga clarified about the influences behind the double. He made it clear what separates the two; the epic is about his spiritual journey in the genre whereas the fixtape is all about his focus on rap music.

“The Fixtape is a mixtape project where am trying to fix my focus on rapping. The epic is about me defining and separating myself as a rapper. The epic is more like my own spiritual journey in rap,” he said

He has worked with his long-time partner, Blantyre based DJ Maas of Amoja Records in both projects. DJ Mass has had his hands on a lion’s share of Rex’s songs with the musician producing a few.

The elegant Rex has about 200 songs under his name only that his job as a media personality has been suppressing his other skills. His loyalty to old school type has been bonded by the need to convey deep message to the audience which is rarely the case with contemporary styles.

The TV face set a record in the first half of this year after his song entitled Sleepless Nights premiered on a Ghanaian radio station. This made him the first Malawian artist to premier a song in the West African nation.

The two collections are packed with substance, as such 19th October promises great works in as far as old school hip hop on the local scene is concerned.




  1. muzioona nkhani zopaga post a Malawi 24!!! a Rex Chalenga ndi anthuso owapaga post mukufuna kuti atukwanidwe bwanji?? Mbuzi ya chamba gati imeneyi the most Boring MBC presenter nde ameneyu

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