Mutharika’s guards arrested for robbery


It is not safe in Malawi such that even guards to the President are robbers.

crime (2)Media reports have indicated that two presidential guards have been arrested in connection with a spate of armed robberies that have been taking place in Mzuzu.

The guards were stationed at Mzuzu state lodge where Mutharika had been last week.

The two guards have been identified as constables Wick Njolomole and Misheck Makweza.

It has been understood by Malawi24 that the two, together with some civilians, have been remanded at Prison after the implications.

Malawi24 has the information that the two were implicated by three robbers who have been on the loose in the Northern region city of Mzuzu.



  1. They are used to that… Its unfortunate that agwidwa lero otherwise amatumidwa ……

  2. Zotengela kwa makolo, olo pa company mabwana akakhala akuba nawonso ogwira ntchito amangoba boma ili too much kutibera.

  3. koma ndiye wapasindwi kuulura wa pa zalatu apa! kaya wokha,kwawo simunanene kuti akuchokera kutibwaaa?mulibe umboni wokwanila kapena?


  5. Kkkkkkk say it again i don’t understand hmmm Malawi wa tsopano zinaliko zimenezi nthawi ya kamuzu, wawadziwa chisisi a bwana kuti sangamupatse ndalama yoti imuthandize koma kubasi

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  7. Anawo abera makolo awo sanalakwise, ababa peter nd mam getu! Chlango chake skuwamanga mungowamana tea wamawa ndi mbatata, coz inu ngat mumaba tmakutanini???

  8. #Mutharika’s guards. So interesting. Hop they will dance kwaito in the court they hear the judge’s last words. Best wishes as they sleep in cell

  9. What do you expect from people who are just picked just because they belong to the party in power without even vetting them. The shortcuts that are used to hire public is a recipe for disaster. In those days even even civil servants were vetted to make sure that hardcore crooks are left out. No wonder there is rampant cashgating…

  10. Koma aphwanga mukusewela.kodi kulibe wolimba ntima ngati matafale ali adzuzule makape abomawa pantetete.olo next option lets just vote for general election always option b is better

  11. Guard amamva zinsisi zambiri za a bwana ake,nde kubako watengera zomwe amva kwaabwanaakewo! But mmmmmmm peter must fall !!!!!!!!

  12. Ngati anapita kokuba kwakeko pa tsiku lake la off kapena ataweruka kuntchito izo ndi zake za personal & Mutharika sidzikumukhudza.

  13. hahaha, this is Malawi and really expect that. But its very disgusting, those guards are supposed to be the exemplary custodians of the law. Only that I cant judge them, for I dont know what motivated them. Anyway, Im not Donald Trump so I wont say “This is really fantastic and its really an amazing thing.

  14. economic woes haven’t spared them. they don’t want to sound stupid to their spouses and families in the name of work ethics, but this is rather shameful and disgusting. presidential gurds? how much are they paid?

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