Malawi’s Capital Gal matures with Udzandikumbuka

Capital Gal

Malawi’s multi-talented artist Capital Gal promises to revitalize broken soul with her winter release of Uzandikumbuka.

Capital Gal
Capital Gal to heal the world

The Lilongwe based songstress had been on a several month hiatus as she last released Asandilande, featuring Afro pop star Dali and Ka Khobidi with dancehall warloads, Agwede, both of  which proved to be among last year’s best collaborations.

This time Capital Gal has gone solo in what guarantees to be the next big hit beyond Malawi’s urban music scene.

“The song is about resilience for those who face rejection. It encourages them to look on the brighter side of life and move on because life is full of wonders” said the 23 year old songstress in an exclusive interview last night, revealing that she will release it on 14 June, next week.

But as the countdown to the release date draws closer, Udzandikumbuka is already bringing the heatwave to the winter judging from the  feedback monitored by Malawi24 on her Facebook page, already warming the hearts of many.

True to her word, Capital Gal, born Rustica Kapito, uses her exhilarating voice to soothe the broken-hearts with the promise of a sunshine in days to come. For the heart breaker, the song will sting like a butterfly.

The precious hands of Tricky Beats performed wonders on Udzandikumbuka, a fusion of pop, R’n’B and Malawi folk music.



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