Malawi juveniles’ centre calls for support


Mpemba Reformatory centre in the commercial city of Blantyre has called on the corporate world to support the centre following problems that have affected the institution.

Authorities at the centre said government allocation is not enough to meet the cost of running the institution.

Speaking to the local press, Instructor Osborne Kananji said well-wishers can step in to help the reformatory centre that is failing to operate as expected due to financial hiccups.

Court“We are appealing to the corporate world to support us here, we need a lot of resources for the centre,” said Kananji.

The centre was built to have 100 juveniles but is now accommodating 30 due to lack of food and other needs. Among the 30, 23 are boys and 7 girls from different districts of the country.

Established in 1958, the reformatory centre provides rehabilitation services in form of primary and secondary education, vocational skills training, counselling services, economic activities, spiritual and social services to children less than 14 years who have gone into conflict with the law .

The vocational skills include carpentry, bricklaying, tinsmith, tailoring, painting, leatherwork, animal and poultry farming.


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