First Lady commends St John of God school

Gertrude Mutharika

First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika has commended St John of God Elvira School for special education in Mzuzu for teaching children with intellectual disability and autism.

In her remarks after touring the institution, Mutharika said that she is very happy with what the institution is doing.

“What excites me most is that the condition of the children is improving and thereafter, they are being repatriated back to their families so that they should proceed with school under normal circumstances just like any other child,” said Mutharika.

Gertrude Mutharika
Gertrude Mutharika shares a moment with St John of God officials.

She called upon people with goodwill to help such children.

In his speech, St John of God Director of services Charles Masulani hailed the first lady’s visit saying it has signaled her concern for children with intellectual disability.

Masulani proceeded by saying that the institution on its own cannot reach its intended target but this can be achieved by working hand in hand with government.

St John of God has about 80 children at its special needs school.

There are also other 250 children on such condition under home based care in various townships of Mzuzu city.



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