Police net 22 in sweeping exercise

Albinos Malawi

crime (2)Police in Ntchisi district have arrested 22 people in a sweeping exercise that was conducted at Khuwi, Nthesa Trading Centre And at the Boma.

The sweeping exercise conducted last night was aimed at reducing crime
rate in the district.

During the sweeping exercise, police managed to arrest people,
including those who were on our wanted list.

The suspects, who are expecting to appear in the Ntchisi First Grade
Magistrate’s Court will answer different charges ranging from unlawful
wounding, burglary and theft, defilement and rogue and vagabond.



  1. Very Good! Mukamaliza Muzitigawirako Ndalama Akupatseni Anthu 22. Nkhan Ndindalama Anthuwo Sanaphe Alubino. Apolisi Mumatero Mukakhala Mmaluzi Mumagwira Wopenga.

  2. This is jst nonsese, find out you will find that those swept were in drinking joints, shame to u officers .kumatopela munthu oledzedwa ndiye osagwila mbanda zikupha abale athu achi albino bwanji.

  3. Police sweeping exercises always arrest innocent people caughtup by the odd hour while the criminals of which some individuals in the Police Service are part of, go away.

  4. Kkkkkkkkk sweeping exercise??what is the benifit?? Zazzzz [email protected] muziti “ndende yazaza, ndende yazaza” ngati mukugwila ntchito yeniyen kkkkkkkkkk u must be crious kunja kulinjala ukuu!! Stop arresting pple 4 nothing ok??

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