Man brutally killed for stealing

Albinos Malawi

A 30 year-old man suspected of stealing has been killed by an angry mob at Mitundu Trading Centre in Lilongwe city.

PoliceLilongwe Police Station Spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula has identified the man as Anthony Milimbi.

He said Mlimbi was found drilling into a shop’s wall at Mitundu market with the aim of stealing.

“The deceased was using panga knife and other sharp objects to drill the wall. He was caught by villagers after they heard noise around the shop. However, the villagers took the law into their hands and killed the suspect,” said Dandaula.

The late Milimbi hailed from Keliasi village, Traditional Authority Kalumbu in Lilongwe.



  1. Now no courts in Malawi, people are judging themselves. And now the only judgement of all matters is killing the suspects. Keep it up!!! But God ‘ll come with His own judgement one time.

  2. Thats what I call good job, because someone work so hard for so many years just to make a leaving and someone just come one day and in seconds for that matter to take everything that’s not fair, kill them they deserve that.

  3. Imeneyo Ndie History Ya Boo Ngat Boma Lidayambitsa Shoot To Kill Tilekelanji Anthufe Tikagwila Wakuba? Apa Ndie Police Isamagwile Ntchito Coz Akakamutsekela Akwao Amadzadisha Munthu Wakubayo Nkutuluka So Njira Iyi Ndi Ya Bo Wapita Ndi Lupanga Lake Lomwe Ameneyo Wel Done 2 People Of Mitundu Zibwana Ai Kusaka Nkowawa Uku

  4. Awa nde zikumatheka kuwangwila ndikuwanyonga.. Tsopano opha ma albino aja sakungwidwa bwanji ndikuphedwa..zukhala bwanji pamenepa

    1. Ndi anthu koma tili ndi boma lomwe siliganizako Za chitetezo cha anthu ake…. Boma la chabechabe kobasi kaya anavotela nyasi zimenezi nde ndani kaya

  5. Verry Bad! Am Saying So Because I Am Also A Thief Intrueth! Always I Steel My Girlfriend’s Airtym In Addtion I Store Her Ring And Give My Sister To Give Her Boy Friend. But When She Realise It She Didn’t Killed Me Instead She Forgive All Things And Continue Loving Me. So We Are All Malawians And We Are Called To Be Loving People. So A Majority In Mitundu Can Be Deafeted By My Girlfriend In Thinking Capacity! And She Will Be A Shadow Mp 2019 To Improve Mitundu And To Make It To Under Piticourt Government!

  6. Yeah! Th@ was VGI (Very Good Idea) keep it up to lessen these pple!

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