Police shoot thief dead


A suspect thief has died in Kasungu after he was shot by Police who believes he was part of a gang behind several robberies in the district.

Kasungu police Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa confirmed the incident to Malawi24 and identified the deceased as 21 year-old Yusufu Issa. He was together with Gift Phiri who has been arrested.

According to the publicist, Kasungu police recently registered some cases where robbers gained entry into some buildings and run away with assorted items.

gun“As the hunting of these wanted criminals was in progress, last night (17 May) two criminals were cornered and arrested after being caught red-handed cutting the roof of Mbamboyo shop which also accommodates an Airtel shop,” she explained.

She said during the night, some officers were guarding at Opportunity International Bank and Nyika Bakery.

Later, officers at OIBM noticed that some men were at the top of a building. The police officers called their fellow officers at Nyika Bakery and surrounded the building.

“The four police officers managed to apprehend Gift Phiri but when they wanted to apprehend Yusufu Issa he started running away. The police fired in the air but the suspect didn’t stop,” she added.

After realizing that Issa did not want to stop, the police shot the suspect on the leg and he was taken to Kasungu district Hospital where he later died.

Issa hailed from Chibwanasamala village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kalembo in Balaka district while Gift Phiri, 21, comes from Chingale village T/A Mlumbe in Zomba District.

Meanwhile police are still investigating to arrest other suspects.



  1. Aja akhala akupha abale bwanji osawapha. Kmanso aja anaba zija mumati ndalama zanthu nanga bwanji osawaombera kt mwatengele ku count

  2. Kuchoka kwanu komwe ku ulongwe ukooo, kukaba kwayeni ake, ndizimenezotu. Ukanakhala kut kubako umabela kwanu komwekuno mwina sakanakupha akanango kukhululukila, anyway RIP

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