Police busts drug smugglers

Albinos Malawi

Malawi Police officersin Karonga have arrested suspected criminals who were using Lake Malawi to smuggle drugs.

The 16 smugglers were found with cartons of medicine meant for public hospitals.

Arrested.Among the 16 suspects, 13 are Malawians and 3 are Tanzanians.

According to Karonga Police Station Spokesperson Enock Livason, the suspects have been trying to export the drugs using a boat near Mufwa lodge in the district.

Livason said they wanted to smuggle the drugs to Tanzania through Lake Malawi.

But Police arrested the suspects following a tipoff from the public.

The seized medicine includes Panado, Quinine, Axylin, Isoryn and Sulfren.



  1. those officers deserve immediate promotion. the way malawian police officers are deemed corrupt at the mere cough of a 50MK a minbus driver can get away with it down town so stoping drug smugglers who can bribe at any coast is yet a milestone worth recognition.

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