The Police wants you to be taught about homosexuality

Albinos Malawi

The Malawi Police has said that all Malawians ought to be taught about homosexuality.

According to media reports, the Malawi Police said this after a training from the Center for Development of the People (CEDEP), an organisation that has become synonymous with homosexual rights.

Gift Trapence
Trapence’s CEDEP trained police officers on homosexuality

The media reports have quoted the Inspector General of Police, Lexten Kachama, as saying that there is a need for sensitisation of the people if the violence against homsozexuals, bisexuals and transgenders is to stop in the country.

Kachama said that training the Police only was most likely to not help matters as the violence against homosexuals in the country is done by the general public which still does not understand the rights of people with different sexual orientation from them.

Malawi24 understands that plans are in the offing for CEDEP and its partners to start public outreach meetings as a way of sensitising the public on the rights of homosexuals.

It is not known how communities will respond to the issue but given the nature of the Malawi society, such meetings might end up in violence.



  1. Zopusa ife ayi angoyelekeza kupeze opanga zimenezo aona mathero ake

  2. why we r taking these issue so me one thing if someone is gay or resbien how are you gona be affected or are u afraid tht u can become one of them? for me am nt a gay and il never be, why should i worry about them? i should worry about thieves coz they gona rob mi.i should worry abt bitches cos of hiv i should wory abt so manythings coz of good reason.if its a sin its for them nt me.let me tell something u dnt know malawi is nt religion country is secular.we are using foreign laws(english laws )we never use one is holy here.are we different from those people who wanted to stoned a women coz of an adultery ?

  3. Koma ndinudi opusa eti???,nkhosa ndi mimbulu sizichezerana,dont you know that???

    Ife opemphera tingakhale misonkhani yauchitsilu??? Yachikunja,?? Yotsutsana ndi Yehova,,,.

    Nde tizikutibulani tsopano.malo mokalimbana ndi mbava,muzilimbikitsa zopusa,zimene galu,khumba,mbuzi,nkhuku,nyelere sizingapange Bull shirt

  4. Eeeeeee! U mr/mrs officer r u a mad? Bore dem!!! Dont talk dis foolish again, bat bouy/gal bore dem!!! Didn’t u read b4 bible, what way God punishd pipo who were did fool ting lyk dis? Me hate u 4ever, u r babiloon indeed, y ma country? Eshiiiiii!!!

  5. All relet on bible it seems all malawianz are holy… homosexuality can do what in your life or governments is it givin u a shame people.. which is shame full homosexual or rapist.. thieves.. robbery or killing albino or multiple wives

  6. if u likes it or Not this will never Ever happen in my county called Malawi Noo in the MIghty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    1. Just be focusing on how to end poverty in Malawi. Not being busy discussing nonsense things

      1. Hating and killing people for the way they are born and whom they love,all because your phoney god and your sick religion tells you to is both immoral and evil.Choosing to remain ignorant about human sexuality instead of learning the truth,to protect your foolish ideas doesn’t make sense.

    1. Learning about human sexuality is only knowledge.Your sexuality is determined from birth and is unchangeable.Ten per cent of all people,in all countries are born gay.That is the way it is.
      Learning about sexuality increases your knowledge of humanity and helps to banish stupidities like homophobia generated by the christian religion.

      1. Y 10% always? where did u get this percentage from? y are these pipo having children before they turn to gays or lesibians? who has contaminated u with such statistics? y only human beings not any other animal to sleep with the same sex animal? u must understand that whatever was written as a prophesy shall come to pass. look @ your brothers whom you call gays and those called lesibians they were married before and good percentage has children. this is the devil”s work @ its best.

  7. Kodi Apolicewo Adayamba Ndi Iwo Za Homesexualityzo Moti Zoona Azikazi Awo Kapena Azimuna Awo Adawasiya Mkupanga Za Uchitsiruz? Koma Ife Takana Kutakhala Kusauka, Tidasaukakale Nyasi Ayi

  8. I became gay by birth not being taught by anyone ,at first i had rejection of being myself but with time i have accepted it and forged ahead ,,,,,let gays free

  9. hahahaha if ican see this story the problem is not our police in other way round but our stuiped president is the main idiot who must be blamed the police is jst following what the big bosses on top is trying to force them to do all this?inu apolice zikanakhala kuti abambo anu anapanga zimenezo zomwe mukulimbikisazo bwezi mulipo don’t jst do things because of u need to get promotion,money….,nononooooo my malawi where u going?stop it b4 ur creator show u his backside watchout

  10. Kkkkkkk a police opusa kuzizira chani paja munauzidwa kuti amuna azigwira ntchito usiku okhaokha ndiye pamenepa mwaganiza mofatsa kuti mungotero basi ndikuzizilaku kkkkkkkkk u can’t be a shame urself to say this nonsense bulshit

  11. Aaaaaaaaaa,,,, look my Malawi where u go now,,,, they say its human right, bt these dogs who says these they don’t read about sodomu and gomora? Bt this is must be when people stop praising a creator starting praise what creator create according to scriptures ,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Aaaaaaaaaa,,,, look my Malawi where u go now,,,, they say its human right, bt these dogs who says these they don’t read about sodomu and gomora? Bt this is must be when people stop praising a creator starting praise what creator create according to scriptures ,,,,,,,,,,

  13. pangani zothandiza osati mathanyula anuwo. ngati mukufuna musiye azikazi anu mutengane ma postive okhaokha tione ngati magetsi angayake

    1. Only someone who enjoys being ignorant would ever post a comment like that.

  14. As malawians we r saying no. Go & teach ur brothers & ccters dat nonsense move. Its indeed fact dat we dont hav police in malawi but lebels.

  15. Apolisi ndinu agalu wakutumaniyo akupwetekesani mwamva?mathanyula anuwo muziphunzisana ndi ambuyanu,agalu inu.That’s very kinyopus

  16. Mr Trapence, in the Lord’s name i pray that you wake up for i believe that u r being driven by evil spirits. Don’t allow the issue of human rights fool you for these were made by man & man is susceptible to making mistakes. Human rights by themselves aren’t bad but what is made by man can only be said to be right if it is in compliance wth the holy scriptures! Consider where u r coming from, ur parents, sisters, brothers, friends, etc,! u r surely a disgrace to them. How do u feel when u mention that silly term( homosexuality) with all the inhuman activities associated with it, let alone advocating for it? Mind u, lyf has an end & this is the ryt tym that u can turn to God for He is always happy to see prodigals coming back Him! REPENT!

    1. Nothing is more sick and immoral than religion with its phoney gods and evil immorality.To use something so vile to attack gay people because of the way they are born and whom they love is disgusting and reprehensible.Have you no decency?

      1. There is where u r getting it wrong! I didn’t say ‘gods’ coz there is only ONE TRUE GOD! Mind u i ain’t forcing you devil into the mighty kingdom of God. You can proceed wth ur illumimat cult, that won’t bother me. Bt whether u lyk it or not, that stubbornness that u r showing is one of the prime areas that the devil instils in his recruits!

      2. There are no gods and all religion is a scam designed to enable leeches to get rich from suckers who believe their fraud.Waste your money and waste your time,you still die with no reward.
        Ecclesiastes 9:5 “For the living know that they will die,but the dead know nothing,and they have no more reward;but the memory of them is lost.”

  17. In our culture they say a path is known by he/she who uses it regulary…..How do our police teach us about this thing? Unless they practice it or it part of Police training?

    1. Ten percent of all people everywhere in all humanity is gay so It stands to reason that ten percent of all police must also be gay.How many of your family,friends and co-workers are gay?Because of your sick homophobia how many have to hide whom they love?

  18. What is wrong with my beloved country ha ha ha ha now they want to spend Tax payers money to teach us about Homosexuality lol ….this is very funny

  19. Pakuti nzelu ya dziko Mulungu anayipusitsa.anatenga zanzelu mkuzitsitsa ,natenga zopanda nzelu mkuzikwenza.muwafufuze apoliceo mupeza kuti ndi anthu opembedza akutchedwa ake akristu. Mulungu anayela atichitile chifundo amen.

  20. Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, (Read More…)

    Romans 1:26-28 – For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: (Read More…)

    Leviticus 20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

    1 Timothy 1:10 – For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

  21. Kodi nkhani zopusazi zamanyizi zilipobe? Mukafune kopangira manyi anuwo malawi wanga mumusiye bwanji osakamba zoti zitithandize komanso kukweza fees ku ma univesties shit zandinyasa mundiyankhulisa pambali za ugalu basi.

  22. We have an urgent issue concerning the security of albino brothers and sisters and someone is funding the police on useless gay campaigns. Really? What are our priorities as a nation? Ndani sadziwa za mathanyula and for what purpose?

    1. Basic human right for all includes gay people,even gay albinos.
      Protecting our children should be foremost in our needs.

  23. Kodi poti malawi ndife ovutika ndiye tizifera ndalama? Ooh my warm heart of africa Malawi our poverty brings satanism. Chonde amalawi tisalole zimenezo azikaphuzisana ndiakazi awo mumanyumba Mwawomo.

  24. Muziphunzitsa ana anu ndi azibale anu zochindana kumatakozo. Sorry to say this but mwandinyasa koopsa munthu ungamachinde konyelela kwamzako? Shupid mudzafa imfa yowawa agalu inu. Fuck yuuuuuuuu!

  25. We do not want to be taught about stupidity,if the police have been given money by these irresponsible NG0′ ,they better just keep calm,not wasting their time with foolish remarks

  26. Stupid Policemen!! God wil punish u, akupatsani ciani kuti mudziphunzitsa aliyense satanism poyera? am saying NO on behalf ov ALL Malawians,

    1. You are aware that gods are just delusions in the minds of mentally ill people?

  27. As our culture is concerned and Malawi being a fearing God Nation we don’t want HOMOSEX.

  28. Malawians are ready to Free Ganja than having homosexial society and hate Lesbian and gay people than Satan himself

    1. Ezekiel 16:49 your god declares that it destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah(the cities of the plain) for inhospitality to visitors,not homosexuality.Are you calling your god a liar?

  29. Zazzzz!! Kaya ndimadana ndiapolice akwathu kuno vuto lake ndilimeneli, hw can they be involved in mathanyula meeting,instead of discussing “hw to deal with albino attackers” dammit!!

  30. We have already God who has taught us about homosexuality. We cant obey a human being and dishonour God. Homosexuality is evil and anyone encouraging it is an antchrist because he is working against Christ. The people who are wasting their time on homosexuality are the ones failling to deall with the problems people with albinism are facing. Its better not to act against the reality. We dont suport satanism in Malawi in anyway. Why cant aperson marry smartly and instead marry a fellow fool who is drunk in evil acts and lawlesness. Lets take care Jesus is coming soon and anybody encouraging these acts shall be cursed by God himself. WE SAY NO TO EVIL!!!!!! .

    1. Homosexuality is found in every species of animal on the planet.What could be more natural?
      Religion is artificial, i.e. NOT REAL.
      People can and do change their gods and their religions at the drop of a hat.
      Human sexuality is innate and immutable.
      To use the foolish stupidity of religion to assault and attack people for the way they are born and whom they love is sick and immoral.You are the evil one.

    1. Every country in the world has at least one gay person for every ten people.
      What you want only indicates your foolishness,not reality.
      How many of your family,friends and co-workers have to hide whom they love because morons like you would kill them?
      Are you proud of your homophobia?

    1. Perhaps you might make sense if you lived in the real world and not your delusional one.Maybe your death-cult is rotting your mind.

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