UNIMA hikes fees

Albinos Malawi

…K950,000 for Poly

…K1.4 million for CoM

Tough times for all those who want to acquire knowledge with the University of Malawi following the fee hike that the University is set to implement.

Unima’s Polytechnic

According to an internal memo that Malawi24 has seen and has been signed by the University registrar Benedicto Malunga, the University has agreed to adjust the fees for its mature students.

“I write to advise that Council of the University of Malawi resolved to adjust the fees paid by its mature students upwards,” communicates the memo.

The memo says that it was agreed that the mature students should not be paying an amount similar to that paid for by generic students.

The University has said that all the students that will be admitted in the 2016/17 academic year will be subject to the new fee regime.

The fees see Chancellor College as the cheapest with its mature students paying K900,000. The Polytechnic comes next with a fee of K950,000.

Mature students studying at Kamuzu College of Nursing will be required to pay K1,000,000 while those at the College of Medicine will be asked to pay K1,400,000.



  1. Dats Malawi,not thinking of others,,azipita Ku xool now are those who have no knowledge with a huge pack of points coz a villager,a teacher can not afford to pay whatever amount u hv agrd on,dont think dat dat is a part of development

  2. U readers y au watchng such thngz b happenng en yet most of u, uhv bn kumudzi fo so long uknw hw we r starvng hea…….for sua u r nt helpng ppo of malawi but u jxt ont to get rch fo urserf……but knw ths God is watchng yu……….we dnt hav power to judge but we hav ears to c

  3. Dziko lapansi lokomera opata basi.Nothing will change pamalawi tivotere mp akapita ku parliament he will be Mr yes.Mukafufuze ana anduna ma Mp lero akuphunzira maiko akunja nde adandaulapo chiyani za munthu wosauka?.Vutonso ndi ife eni ake nthawi ya campaign timakomedwa ndima k50 kuiwala zatsogolo lathu

  4. ! if we convert k950,000.00 into United States Dollar it wud b around $1,266.00., lets take ourselves back when Kwacha had nt bn devaluated, Dollar was trading at 150 against kwacha.. Ths means that $1,266.00 wud b around k190,000.00 takng inflation into account mayb cud b around 370 by now whch i blv alot cud hav managed…. imagine how long it took unima to move 4m 55,000.. we malawians thot we were smart enaf wen we matched in th streets en drove bingu into untimely death… thse ar th fruits….womvetsetsa wandimva., replies are welcm.

  5. this is what we call Racisim!! can a primary teacher’s saraly manage this?????????? timalimbana ndi azungu kukamba za tsakho, Racisim ipose apa? Kudulisa zithu mcholinga choti ochepekedwa asakwanise

  6. what noticable upgrades have they made in the university facilities for them to charge such a fee?its practically the same Old lectures,same facility,the same few books and lessons that they want us malawians to pay for!the DPP Government needs to understand that these are not private institutions which charge high prices to make profits,if they think they are white people then they shud pay that fee themselves!!!

  7. we shud expect more college drop out. if education is indeed a key for social economic development for a country, then, am afraid the future for mother malawi is bleak, there is NO light at the end of the channel.

  8. a few weeks ago, the President had to come to the rescue of many university students who were on the verge of dropping out college having failed to pay fees. reports were also awash in the media of many students dropping out or reserving their places at mzuzu university bunda n other colleges due to financial difficulties. the amount they failed to pay is around k280000. this is an indicators of the economic climate we are living in. in my considered opinion, this indicator wud have been put into consideration wen making these changes.

  9. dzikoli likukomela anthu okhala town, but the most importantly thing which the government is forgetting (1) is that there is the high level of people who stays in a rural areas than the majority of people who stays in town, (2) people who stays in rural areas depend on farming which is only happening once a year (3) people who stays in town but still they are struggling to put food on there tables are 90% which means 10% are those who works for both government and non government and take a deep look at this people work for government 6 to 7% there children are not schooling in malawi and 1 to 2 years after getting a degree. amangofikila. pa mpando waubwana kutsatila mapazi a tate wake ndi omake, now from today we need to work up we poor people and think how we can put food on our table so that our kids must find something to eat and never think that the government thinks about some1 who doesn’t have anything in his or her pocket (sorry if I said something wrong to my fellow malawians) God bless you all

  10. why can’t you just say that ophunzira mmalawi akwana ntchito palibe, rather than doing what you’re doing mr President sir

  11. This amount of fee it is worthy for #anamadyabwino only bt y dnt u thnk about us #adyerakumthiko? n i wonder y amount of fees growing up lyk this? U mean ingokhala xul ya ana amabwana okhaokha bas

  12. Ha ha ha i dont understand why people are criying here . . . . For a year this amount is reasonable . . . Xool /education is not cheap my friends . . . .a malawi munazolowela zinthu za ulele go ku maiko ena mukaone xool ya ku college momwe imadulilamo thats when you wil understand kut bola ku malawi

    1. #Marther its not about kuzikonda koma every 1 has to understand that as time goes by u cant expect kut zinthu zingakhale chomodzi . . . Prizes need to be higher as the demand of things is higher too

    2. Man taganizani bho bho, ku Malawi kuno ambiri’fe ndi amphawi, how many families can afford such amount poti ambiri samapeza even 800 pin/yr, enafe taonako kunja(overseas), ma salaries ali much better coz economy ya dziko ili stable komanso education yake imakhala of high standards including facilities, for example, you can’t compare Abu Dhabi University ndi Mzuzu University, there’s a very big gap. Do you expect fees to be of the same amount? Find out how much a nurse earns per month in Dubai then come back home uone ndalama zomwe amalandira abale athu per month omwe ndi ma nurse, umva chisoni. Malawi ndi dziko lomvetsa chisoni kwambiiiri mfumu hate it or love it ndiye ma fees athu osamayerekeza ndi fees ya ma university a ku America kapena ku Britain wheresoever, this is mpanje, nkosauuka kuno amwene tisamakanepo apa, MKW 950, 000.00 ndiochepa angakwanitse amwene, alipo koma a handful

    3. #timothy if ur comparing united arab emirates to malawi that is totaly wrong this is Africa , and comparison should be with african countries only . . . . . Dubai is the richest country kut uyang’ane G D P yawo ndiyovaya u cant even compare nda america . . . . . Economy yavuta the whole world bro not only malawi . . . So the best way our university can coup up with the statuscole is by increasing the fees kut fans izigela boh boh

    4. even if they increase the fee nothing will change,there will still be strikes and mazi lecture will still be sleeping in classes instead of teaching.

    5. #phillip.u need to understand that malawi is a very poor developing country,and that for the people to be educated to decrease unemployment somehow,they need to make sum things affordable,ndiye if they raise the fees adzingo chulukitsa umbuli M’Malawi.think wisely ase

    6. Mr #Gondwe its not that am happy with the hikes of tha fees or prizes of things . . . You have to remember that kwacha was devaluated in 2012 . . . . . For those who understand economy perctily they wil tel you that once a currency has been devaluated . . . What follows next is the hikes of comodities . . . . . You should understand perfectly how these this works so you should not be surprised like in this case . . . .

    7. Phill, public universities already bebefit.from the tax buscket ss they receive funding in billions from the tresury. Private universities’ tuition fees currently average abt K500 grand, 450 less than the rumoured hike.

    8. #PHILLIP i support you!! if we convert k950,000.00 into United States Dollar it wud b around $1,266.00., lets take ourselves back when Kwacha had nt bn devaluated, Dollar was trading at 150 against kwacha.. Ths means that $1,266.00 wud b around k190,000.00 takng inflation into account mayb cud b around 370 by now whch i blv alot cud hav managed…. imagine how long it took unima to move 4m 55,000.. we malawians thot we were smart enaf wen we matched in th streets en drove bingu into untimely death… thse ar th fruits….womvetsetsa wandimva., replies are welcm.

    9. i still thnk its unjustifiable, if we take on average how many, amapita ndi net kunyumba more than 100000 kwacha?. Fees imayenera kukwera but not with that margin. if u say education is expensive, u have also to consider that its one of basic rights. should be accessible to all

  13. Ndizomvetsa chisoni enafe si Mamillionea, tikutchona kwawwni kufa ndi maganyu kuti mqina ana athu angaphunzire, koma kukhala kwake komweku tikwanitsa? Umbuli waine ukanathela ine ndwkha koma ana anga apeze ma phunziro abwino. Koma zikuchitikazi ndiye zikundiswa maganizo chifukwa Fees yotelayo sitingakwanitse enafe. Malawi wathu akupita kuti? Dziko lathu silidzatukukapo ayi. Mmalo moti apeze njira zina zopezera ndalama ngati boma iwo ndikukweza zinthutu cholinga kubela a Mphawi. Titani a mphawife Mulungu wanga ine?

  14. ngt kwanu ndinu olemera anthu enanu musamabwere apa mkumatibowa , cnt u see we r even struggling for fud nde wina akweze conco fees do u tink tilimbapo apa???malawi kusamva kuja ndi uku.zinaonekeratu poyamba izi kt apa nde palibe tipeze koma kakaka kumvetsa cisoni kobasi zinazi kumakhala kt wina wakanika kupanga run dziko bwino nde iwe uzikati nice hmmm nosense

  15. Wat does the gvt says??? Coz to my look of things I thot its the responsibility of the gvt to train its citizens by offering gud opportunities to tertiary edu for the betterment of the country’s development in all dimensions ie trade & commerce industry, health, agriculture-, security, technology, achtectural field jst to mention zochepa chabe….
    Kod ngat m’dziko simukhala anthu ophunzira bwino chitukuko, chitetezo ndi chilingamo zikulalilikidwazo nde zikwanilitsa bwanj???
    Ndikanakonda boma likanalowelerapo….

  16. Muzafa Imfa Yowawa Inu Amene Mukulanga Anthu Ovutika Shame One You Fools 2019 I Wil Slaughter U All says:

    Tiyamba Kulima Shamba Xul Tayinyela

  17. Democracy proving to be war in Malawi.
    I have learnt with sadness news that the Malawi university council has approved massive increment of fees for all those who want to acquire knowledge with the University of Malawi as mature students effective 2016/2017
    As an alumnae of UNIMA who studied as a mature student, I fault the council for such a decision regardless of their justifications including that most mature students are employees and have the ability to afford the new fees (In my case, I would not have managed despite that I was an employee) . Members of the council need to know that employees opt to go back to school for personal development that would provide them with opportunities for high positions and increased salaries.
    Once offered the opportunity to study at UNIMA most employees have to resign or apply for unpaid leave and that obviously reduce their income, while few retain their jobs and combine work with school.
    Increasing fees with 400% for such type of students is really killing the admission route of mature students and at the same time pushing private colleges and private Universities to also increase their tuition fees which are already high to go beyond the pocket of an ambitious local Malawian intending to study quality tertiary education in the country.
    If the decision of the council is not reversed and handled objectively, Malawi will have less citizens with high qualifications and in the long term continue to increase the gap between the rich and the poor.
    It’s high time we reflect on the motives of our voting because most Malawians are suffering because of “Zala zochepa zomwe zinavota Molakwika”.
    I remember and miss Hestings Kamuzu Banda who endeavoured to provide quality and affordable education which other leaders are all failing to withstand.
    God save malawi

  18. This decision can be challenged. On the application form the fees quoted were less. How can you now quote higher fees when admitting students. Unima’s legal advisor is foolish. They will not win. You advertise you say you will pay this. Then when admitting you change? Kaya tione.

  19. fACTS ABOUT MALAWI African leaders have one problem that is wealthy competetion.Any president want to be the richiest person in the land by the end of his/her term.You will find villains praising these presidents wealthy without saying telling us where they got the money.I remember that theres was time when people were fighting just because of Muluzi and Kamuzu wealthy,When Bingu came back from exile where he was fired from PTA in Lusaka, he formed United Party and lost in general elections of 1994, he came sixth. He lived in Area 47 in a three bedroomed house and had one small hiace mini bus written Bineth which he was running. Muluzi later picked him and appointed deputy reserve bank governor and the rest is history. By 2008, he was a multi billionaire, a thing that can only happen under the nose of docile people.The same thing happened in 2013 people comparing Joyce Banda and young Muthalika’s wealthy.We are in deep hypnosis……..Better we be recolonised again we have fail to govern ourselves

  20. mmm the downfall of mutharika, come 2019 poor Malawians will vote against you n only those whom you eating n drinking wine with wil vote for you, no matter how much you will try to rig but Lord of the poor will fight for us

  21. Kho! kho! kho! kho! kho!..,ulemu kumpandoko!!..lolani ntchito za BABA zichitire umboni!..ndan angakwanise ndlama zonsezo!!..chabwino palibe!..madisadvantage thoo!!!..2018 is loading..grader izagwire ntchito yake!!!

  22. kkk,b4 joining teaching ndimkat ndipoembekezera chabe,pano mnangovomereza dat am a teacher basi.ndie kumalawi kumeneko(kutoilet kwa earth)

  23. mature entry ndiya amene akupanga masters degree imakhala k275000 generic malawi24 muzilemba mwaukadaulo

  24. All they want is to fill community colleges to the brim! Remember they reason in reverse mode.

  25. I think this is away of limiting number of educated Malawians and @ sametime indirectly fundraising for community colleges.

  26. Midyomba ilibe problem ndinkhaniyi,iwowo xool animaliza kale kale.pajatu kungofika std 5 basi yonse bho bola wadziwa kulemba chibaluwa,mix madarasi yonse khenge kkkkkk

  27. Our Leadership Is From An American Citizen, Thus What Happens In USA!!.. A Malawi Kukonda Nyama Ya Mbuzi, Atsogoleri Athu Mbuzi!!!..

  28. thats being selfish,this govt has no concern on its citizen.people are failing to pay 275000 so how r they goin to manage that much?

  29. This is getting worse than before. If salaries and tobacco prices were to hike like that,Malawi could have been a better nation to live in.crying for poor Interegent Malawians. GOD’S Intervation

  30. People must take to streets,we cannot continue to be treated like thrash,why don’t they tell us straight in our faces that Education is reserved only for Government officials’s children and the Elite of Malawi….this is bullshit

  31. Kkkkkkkk aphunzile ana amabana amphawi tikhale lemerani God z watching u ntchito zimene mulemba pa maubwana anu ponderezani one u pple u will answer before God, kenako ku hosp azituza kulipila 10000 pin kuonana ndi doctor tiyeni nawo wo petulowo

  32. When you are hiking tuition fees what are the indicators do you see? as an institution of higher learning have you research that this time. around is when Malawians are becoming rich? are they pocketing Millions? this move is intended to block those who are willing to pursue their education further. Malawi is becoming a worse state where everything disadvantages the poor. I don’t think if poverty will be ended with this move, we are poor but will fail to become rich, the gap between the rich and the poor is becoming very big. The sad thing is that our current president Peter Muntharika does not know poverty, he has stayed half of his life outside this country and he is failing to come up with policies that can at least reduce poverty in this nation.

    1. inenso kudabwa kodi ma Journalists athuwa bwanji?, mwina sakuziwa kuti fees is paid on semester, or per year,

  33. Mmmmm! Abwana apa ndiye mwaenjeza ndiye kuti ife osauka anatu basi no! School aeshei boma ili! Ndiye kaya mmmm! Tayendani bwana m’midzimu muone kuti anthu anga akukala motani. Kuli mabvuto kunjaku bwana anthutu amafuna kuti anawo aphunzire koma mavuto azachuma

  34. Mkanva kuti kupha maphunziromdziko ndiuku. Ndimati makolo akulandira pamwenzi 1 million yoti apititse wana pa sukulu imeneyo ?

    1. Simukunama Brazaman bola kungopanga invest chinachake, komanso kuti upeze mtambala ochuluka choncho pakamodzi eishhhh! Sizibwana man! unless Blood Money takes over waziziwa?

  35. Ife sukulu yinatikanika koma azibale athu omwe akufuna higher education dziko lathu sim’matiganidzira ,dziko timalimva kuwawa nanga kwabwino nkuti?

  36. at present the money in malawi circulates in the hands of few rich people.how can a poor malawian from a village afford this ammount?lets be honest here,the government is not improving the education sector rather it is killing education in malawi.This is why malawi as a country is not developng ,the people in higher government position are the ones who will benefit from this.they r jst concerned with thier welbeing and not that of the poor malawians.

  37. geez when will these ass nigaz going to realise that that is not the way of solving there probs,how on earth can any govt hike its varsity feez like that we are living in a generation where works are hard to find or even you may be working but still more we end up getting peanuts by the end of the day @51 and still doing nonsense #Mai_Malawi bwanjj komaaaa

  38. Donnex Phil K Chimtawira, Six Pack Yjb, Hadge Innoman Maulana, Big-po Chiumia, Khillaz Dancehall, Adatatê TÎmothy, Oscar Stern, Odeon K Malcom, Izindizer Chia Jackson, Israel Dollars Kuliyambavi Mmmmmmmmmmmm
    Brothers check this

  39. ngati ili pachaka ndalama iyiyi is normally,tisawone kuchuluka kokha kwa ndalamayo,komaso tiwone zomwe amapeza ma students pa umoyo wawo pamene ali ku xukuluko.Around 2000 inali K25000 ndithutu.

    1. is not about estimate a worth here,but that fees work for students.Am agree that fees is too much,but if capacity for boarding enrollment is full,amachita lent kuti adzikhala kumeneko and every time bus imatenga ndikukawatsiya.so you can imagine mmene zithu zilili taugh dziko muno,meaning zonse zili taugh.Sorry 4 this,sindikunyadila ayi koma anali maganizo chabe

  40. Ngati alephera kuyendetsa sukuluzi akanangonenatu…..nanga pali chifukwa chokhalanso ndi ma public universties pamenepa?…..what will be the different ndi munthu oti akupita ku private colleges..Honestry, this is not fair…!!

  41. Mmmmm mwawanthu zooona???? fees high…….maphunziro low…….what’s going on,pa malawii,tiphunzira koma,fertilizer too expensive,cash crops mukutiberanso timakwacha so tipita kuti????????? very sadddd………

  42. Lova Adzakhalabe Lova Mu Malawi, Olemera Muzilemerabe, Tikamagwira Nawo Tintchito Tanu Mbomamu Tizikhalaso Akapolo Anu, Phunzitsanani, Ine Ndilibe Pulobulemu!

  43. The school-fee hike is justifiable but what matters is that the amount is too high… Pajatu amanena kuti akulephera kupereka quality education chifukwa chokuti ndalama alibe ndiye tiona ngati ziti zisinthe m’mene akwezamu…

  44. Ndimakonda wa chiyawo anadana ndi ya muoffece yake ndi kumunda utelala ndi mu shop plus chemes sory for tumbuka eshiiii i dont know what to say for next generation

  45. things are worse now but this govt is doing nothng student cried by the time bingu was in power&u malawians u voted DPP again,lets not vote this government again in this coming election i understand PP govt tried not this govt k950,000 eee tiziona amalawi

  46. The Dictator Kamuzu warned Malawians Democracy is War kkkkk

    1 no food
    2 no drugs in hospitals
    3 no development
    4 no security
    5 no good education


  47. Wise poor child doesn’t complete education because of fees …ignorant does .

    When they complete their education and get a chance to lead the country everything goes down.

    1. Umangoziwilatu Brazaman! Umbuli sikuti ndikusapita kusukulu kokha, komanso zilipo mbuli zophunzira, mbuli zapantchito, mbuli zaatsogoleli zokanika kulongosola ntchito eishhhhh!

  48. With the salaries that most Malawians that we receive are less than dollar, how can a poor Malawian manage to pay this amount. This is good for rich people, may God help Malawi nation.

    1. i see nothing wrong here..u dont need to have a big head to understand what this person is talking about.its less than a dollar/day.as simple as that…

    2. I understood this guy first time,he meant less than a Dollar per day of which its very very possible when you look at the current state of our economy and poverty around us,our people are suffering and its up to us the young people to stand up and fight for better.These old men who rule us their time has expired and their brains rusted away.

    3. #Domnquie,iwe ndiye ukukamba zoona,mantha ndiomwe akutipha anthufe coz ngati iwo atayamba zamtopola posafuna kuwachotsapo zikufunikanso ntopola,nthawi yawo yatha zikufunikadi anthu ena achichepere kuti atengepo udindou just look Wat is happening in Zim,zonse zinayipa kamba ka utsogoleri opanda tsogolo,kukulanso sinzithu anta,anthu kale Joberg sikuti amapita chisawawa ndikuti m’ma 90’s momu anthu amapita pa zimbabw pompa kuka order zinthu koma lero bwaaa,ulamuliro wamunthu wamkulu kungokakamilapo opanda mfundo zotukula dziko,so awawa chitengeleni dzikoli palibe chomwe ndamva chachitika komano mavuto vs mavuto,iwowo ndi nduna zawo ndiomwe akuona kusitha,I can tell u anthu awa akufunika force achoke basi

    1. hahahahhahaa timkanena ife anthu kunali.. “ee peter is rich dzikoli liremeraso kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ma professor ineso kumva kukoma palipose ntchito za manja ake ndi voti yanu ija zimenezo… “

  49. Ndiye mukufuna kuti osowafe tisamapite ku University.Mbolatu izi tiwononge ndalama mapeto ache tikapeza ma ganyu malipiro ache peanut .

  50. think of somebody who is struggling to get food kumudzi ukooooo but God blessed him with wisdom should we conclude to say this individual has chosen to be poor on earth orelse malawi as a nation is a contributing factor for their failure to achieve the intended goals?????????

    1. ife sitinapiteko ku unima ko nde izitchipa chifukwa chani? Wafika form 4 waphunzira ameneyo ayambe kupanga money bax osati kusaukisa dziko &if he/she doesnt hav money dnt attempt tertiary education.its a real luxury.dont waste our money tikukhoma misonkho2

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