Malawi asks Moz to extradite herbalists over albino murder

Cassim Manda
Malawi albino attackers
The killers carry the albino bones in police cells.

Dedza police have started a formal procedure requesting the surrender of Mozambican herbalists who were arrested in connection to the murder of a 17 year-old albino Davis Fletcher Machinjiri.

Dedza police deputy publicist constable Cassim Manda confirmed the development. He identified the two herbalists as Tafatatha Chinyamula, 63, and Madalitso Tafatatha, 30.

He said the police’s legal advisers through the Director of Public Prosecutions will apply for extradition of the two.

Last week, Dedza police arrested Vuto Biswick and Emmanuel Robert and upon interrogating them, the two confessed that they abducted Machinjiri and killed him in Mozambique.

Cassim Manda
Cassim Manda confirmed of the development.

The police officers visited the scene of the crime and found the mutilated body of Machinjiri.

Dedza police then advised Domwe police in Mozambique to arrest the two herbalists and it was on May 4 when Dedza police received a call from Domwe commandant (officer in charge) Gabriel Julio that the two wanted suspects are behind bars.

Domwe advised Dedza for the immediate collection of the suspects but to their surprise, when they went to collect the herbalists Domwe police through their public prosecutor refused to surrender the two.

Meanwhile, constable Manda has vowed that they will collect the suspects through extradition process.

“It is a long process but as of now, we have already compiled all necessary documents for extradition process. Our legal advisers through Director of Public Prosecutions will apply for extradition that will be debated in court of our requested country and the court will decide whether to release the suspects in question to the jurisdiction of the requesting nation. Let people not to lose the hope,” said constable Manda.

The two herbalists Chinyamula and Tafatatha come from Undi village in the area of Traditional Authority Katondo in Angonia district and are currently in Domwe police custody waiting for trial.



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