TNM bash leaves a mess at BAT

BAT Ground

BAT Ground in a mess.

Sanitation conditions at the B.A.T ground took a turn for the worse on Friday when mobile network provider TNM Malawi organized a music bash at the venue to launch the 2016 Super League.

While Blantyre city council (BCC) is trying all means to keep the city clean and green and restore the beauty of the commercial city of Malawi, the initiative is not being supported by other companies as intended.

Reports reveal that the facility lacks fixed toilets to accommodate more than 500 people.

BAT Ground

Waste matter all over the ground.

However, TNM opted against using portable toilets solution at the Super League launch music bash as the company made a u-turn after initially confirming with a Blantyre based mobile toilet provider “Smart Mobile toilets” to deliver eight mobile units at the venue.

That means patrons did not have proper toilets for over ten hours when they were consuming food and alcohol at the jam-packed B.A.T stadium.

BAT Ground

Mobile toilets were little.

A visit to the ground the morning after the overnight music party indicated that patrons helped themselves anywhere they felt was comfortable for them and the aftermath was strong smell of urine and human faeces around the B.A.T ground.

They are yet to respond on the worries.

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