Govt spending sleepless night over Mulanje, Thyolo land squabbles’


Malawi government has claimed that it is leaving no stone unturned in trying to end Thyolo and Mulanje land wrangles between the locals and tea estate owners.

The remarks follow comments by a social commentator Rafiq Hajat who faulted government for being negligent on the matter.

Patricia Kaliati

Kaliati: Claims govt is working.

In Malawi’s local newspaper, The Daily Time’s article, Hajat and the editors blamed government for not taking the matter seriously.

Reacting to the accusations, minister of information Patricia Kaliati said government is involving stakeholders on the matter.

In a statement released on Thursday, Kaliati disagreed with Hajat that government has failed to resolve the issue.

“Government, however, disagrees with Mr Hajat and the editors of the Daily Times in their assertion that Government is doing nothing about the matter. Seemingly unbeknown to Mr Hajat and the editors of the Daily Times, but certainly known to the traditional leaders of Mulanje and Thyolo, the other civic leaders of both Mulanje and Thyolo, as well as all leaders and members of the People’s Land Organisation, Government is fully engaged in this matter and is committed to finding a durable solution to the problem,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further warned Vincent Wandale, a man who recently declared Thyolo and Mulanje independent states that he risks being charged with treason.

The people of Mulanje and Thyolo have been complaining about land issues arguing that white farmers in these two districts snatched land from their forefathers without compensation.

Citizens from the two districts have been calling for government to resolve the matter.



  1. Nthaka ndi yaeni a Malawi, akufuna katundu wao, nkhaniyo si a Thyolo/Mulanje okha ayi ilinso Ku Nkhata-Bay, yangokhgalabe ola kuti iphulike.
    Ma Hectors aakulu ALU mwa atsamunda, kosi eni nthakawi alowera kuti?
    Taswana tikufuna Malawi wanthu.

  2. Malawi doesn’t like its on people who are poor.That’s why you see all places are taken by foreigners .and Govt is busy looking this.

  3. Why should a government sleep? No government sleeps. If this government is only not sleeping for this issue, then its an idiotic one

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  6. Chinzukwa Iwe,anthu Athandizeni,nanga Azisowa Polima Wina Azingolimapo Tea Ngati Zimawakhuzanso,chinzukwa Iwe Onetsa Mphamvu Zauzukwa

  7. I don’t think the the cruelless corrupt DPP govt can solve this hot issue! Achepa kutalitali Avutike ndi aja amakuvoterani. I support Wandale. Had it been that achina Ngongoliwa and his fellow TAs anapamunga support kuti ife tikufuna malo athu boma likanadzuka?

  8. These are the faces we dont want to see in 2019. Patricia and other Recycled politicians have overstayed in politics.They have offered nothing to malawians.

  9. Aganyu akuminda ya tea we don’t want Malawi to become like Zimbabwe. Let the work in those tea estate peacefully or let them akhale ndikadziko kao kumapiliko

  10. Malawi favours rich people,poor Malawians have no say even voting now technology rules sidelines the value of villagers but bear in mind God z watching u…

  11. Malawi favours rich people,poor Malawians have no say even voting now technology rules sidelines the value of villagers but bear in mind God z watching u…

  12. Ena akangofuna Federation koma ndiye kukwera pachulu, ena kungokambirana pa WAP mpaka anagonamo muchitokosi, Wandale popeza ndi mulomwe wanena poyera kuti Mulanje ndi Thyolo ndi maboma oyima pawokha motsutsana ndi Malamulo a dziko lino boma lili du. The first thingwas to arrest Wandale and do the rest later. Malo ndi kupanga declare independent state ndi zinthu ziwiri zosiyana. Show that you are on top of things by arresting wandale apo bii, ifeso tipanga declare mbali yathu.

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