Govt needs 560 computers for community colleges


Government says it needs 560 computers to boost information and communications technology (ICT) programs in the country’s community colleges.

Mussa being interviewed
Mussa: we need computers.

Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Mussa made the revelation on Wednesday when the ministry was receiving ten computers worth K4 million from Auction Holdings Limited (AHL) to be used in the colleges

Mussa said the donation has come at the right time as the ministry is looking for computers to be distributed in all community colleges in the Malawi’s 28 districts.

Mussa further said each constituent college is expected to have at least 20 computers which according to him will enable all the students in the colleges to have fair and equal access to computers.

“I was so happy for it has come in right time as our ministry is looking for the same computers to boost ICT programs in the constituent colleges.

“We have 28 districts and in each district there is a community college and we are assuming that each college should have 20 computers,” said Mussa.

The minister has since asked the general public and well-wishers to help the ministry with funds which could enable them meet the target.



  1. Zimenezo A Mussa Mukanazapanga Mutathana Ndimavuto Ali Mdziko,nanga Zimenezo Munthu Wakumudzi Zikampindulira Chani,nzongokhalira Inu Anthu Ammatauni Komanso Ochita Bwino,pamene Ndalama Imeneyo Ndimavuto Alimdziko Muno Mutamthandiza Munthu Wakumudzi Asangalala Malandira Nazo Madalitso

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