HIV positive man rapes teenager


A 40 year-old man who is HIV positive has been handed a 14-year jail term for raping a young girl.

The rape happened on 1st April 2016 at Katugwa trading centre, Traditional Authority Mkanda in Mchinji district.

RapeThe Mchinji First Grade Magistrate Court heard that the pervert, Kenneth Chirwa asked the 13 year-old girl who is a standard 4 pupil to cook for him at his house.

He then grabbed the teen and forced himself on her.

The rapist then told the girl not to tell anyone and promised to buy her soap and shoes.

But the girl went on to tell her parents and the matter reached police officers who arrested Chirwa.

In mitigation, Chirwa told the court that he was once diagnosed with a mental illness and has a sick wife.

Passing the sentence, First Grade Magistrate Rodwell Mejja Phiri said Chirwa’s HIV status aggravated the offence as the girl could be infected by the virus.

“The young girl is likely to suffer long time effects if she is infected, as such, you deserve a stiff punishment,” he said.

The rapist hails from Thondoni Village in T/A Mkanda in Mchinji district. 

66 thoughts on “HIV positive man rapes teenager

  1. I think he raped the young girl because somebody cheated him that by doing so he will be cured from HIV.In my opinion he would have been handed life IHL

  2. Pa 40yrs Osachita Manyazi Mwatichititsa Manyazi Koma,umuna Uli Apo Koma Zanyanya,komanso Mwanayo Mwamuphwanyira Tsogolo Monga Kwa Mateenager Okhaokha Msika Wake Wapysa Adzisalidwa,mmafuna Kukhwima Kapena Chani?

  3. koma nyani ameneyu samawona mahule anzake ophwanyika koma basi pa mwana ndithu nayeni phaaaaa!! pamene paja…mhuuuuu!…ziliko ku Malawi..dziko ndi anthu ake pamenepo

  4. Zoopsa ndithu ndiye ampatsira kachirombo winayo

  5. This is news worthy reading, not what you wrote yesterday about Dr George Chaponda . Who paid you to write that nonsence and biased story yesterday? I demand the right answer.

  6. @daniel kinz you will get arrested . This is human trafficking . Why you are looking for women only . Oooh you want them to be prostitute in your tarven .fuck

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  8. malawi is becoming shit 14 years to a mother fucker raping a teenager and he is hiv positive. come on government pupies do something or tikamuona with poisoned food

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  10. Neither death penalty can equate to the harm this man has inflicted on the kid, but still I’d gladly torch him if the victim was my kid


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