Man killed after cow dragged him into the road

Malawi Cattle

An elderly man has died after a cow he was grazing dragged him into Zalewa road before being hit by a vehicle on Wednesday, Police say.

The man, Lassimu Chiwalo whose age is not known, was hit by the oncoming vehicle when a cow he was grazing and was controlling using a rope tied to his waist pulled him into the road.

Malawi CattleAccording to police, the driver of the Daf Leyland lorry vehicle registration number BR 2463 by Erick Venda, 37,   failed to apply an emergency brake when the cattle decided to cross to the other side of the road.

Confirming to Malawi24, Chileka police spokesperson Grace Mwale said both the man and cow died on the spot.

“Instead of handling the rope in his hands, he tied it to his waist and when the cow with force decided to cross the road it dragged him to cross also, and it was too late for the driver to apply the brakes to stop the vehicle,” said Mwale.

The police have since advised people to stop grazing domestic animals near roads as one way of preventing such accidents.

The deceased hailed from Kumponda Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kapeni while the driver comes from Mpasu village, TA Chimaliro in Blantyre city.



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  2. Ngati zinamkankhila mu mseu ndi cattle nde zinagwirizana chiwembuchi. Chilango chake ndi kuphedwa kapena kukakhala ku ndende moyo wonse kamba kochitisa imfa ya madala yomwe mwangozi agundidwa ndi galimoto ndi kumwalira. Tipepese kubanja la omwalirawa kamba kotaya munthu amene akanathiza mzambiri kuphatikizapoo tonse aMalawi.

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  8. We don’t say CATTLE. We say “a cow” or “a bull”. “Cattle’ is a collective noun and it refers to all the animals (cows and bulls)

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