Malawi’s Ethiopian diplomats in trouble!

George Chaponda
George Chaponda
George Chaponda: Confirmed the news.

Malawi’s deputy ambassador Doreen Kapanga and secretary Fletcher Chowe in Ethiopia have been suspended on allegations that they were involved a series of corrupt activities that saw the Malawi government being defrauded money amounting to K20 million, government says.

The directive is said to have been made by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Dr George Chaponda.

The Foreign Ministry says the two have been suspended in a bid to set precedents to others doing the same as well as show government’s commitment towards ending corruption.

The Ministry says at the moment the two are in Malawi as the directive was with immediate effect and that they were told to be in the country as soon as possible.

Chaponda disclosed that the two  were writing cheques in their names until they were caught red handed in similar acts.

”At our Ministry we will leave no stone un turned and make sure that all people found stealing government money are brought to book.”he told the media from Ethiopia where he held meetings as Chairperson of Ministerial Panel of African Union.


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  1. What did these two idiots use that little money on. How could the whole them decide to steal dem little money and jeopardize dem reputations and career? MK20 mili between dem two translated into MK10 mili each,dat is peanuts. De clever ones at Capital Hill were siphoning real money worth making de front page story.Wake up Fletcher, wake up Doreenand the play de game real big.

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