Chilumba Barracks pull out Super league campaign

Chilumba Barracks

Huge financial problems have forced newly promoted side, Chilumba Barracks to announce their withdrawal from participating in the top tier, Malawi24 has learnt.

The military side which is from the Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) got promoted into the league after they won the Simama Northern Region League with two games to play.

Chilumba was supposed to replace fellow army team Airborne Rangers.

Chilumba Barracks
Chilumba Barracks out of super league campaign.

But according to a said communication from the side, there are no enough funds to support the team from the defence force in the new season.

It is said that the officials have been pushing for a financial assistance after the team got promoted but this has not worked out and the best the team could do is to pull out before the race actually ignites in a weeks time.

While the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) is yet to receive the communication, reports show that the team has peened the body and it is clear that it will make a statement any day on the same.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Karonga United would be the team that will replace Chilumba Barracks having come second in the Simama Northern Region League.

This comes as controversy has also struck on a sixteenth team to join the league with an injunction sought by Dedza Young Soccer restraining effectiveness of playoffs still not vacated in court.



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  1. Kodi kumpoto anthuwa muzingo wagwilisa ntchito pa mavoti asaaaa you pipo

  2. KAYA ZANUIZO!! HAHA! mmaona ngat supper league njophweka et

  3. Poti team ndi yakumpoto can the whole mdf fail to sponsor chilumba baracks.anthu akumpoto anakulakwila the north there are 3teams now you say play off.kodi those teams who are going to play off were aware of the playoffs.stupid fam and is midiocraft at mdf.leave northers alone enough has been enough.u are introducing quortar system paliponse za lowa ku phila sopano shhhhyyyy

  4. Next you will hear sulom has replaced airborne with Chilumba adding Dedza to make 16 teams for the super league. Fam n Sulom mediocre football management.

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