Ntchisi Police embark on home visits program

Malawi Police riot vehicle

In an effort to curb crime, Ntchisi Police through Community Policing Branch have embarked on a home audit initiative.

Community Policing Coordinator for Ntchisi Police Station, Sergeant Phillip Sande, said from experience criminals have targets and breaks into houses or buildings after finding out their weaknesses.

He said the home audit is aimed to harden the targets and equip Malawians with security tips in order to prevent crime in the country.

Malawi Police riot vehicle
Police are alert. (Library)

Sande said despite conducting sensitization meetings on community policing throughout the country, many people still do not know how to protect themselves and their property.

According to Sande, the home audit will at least fill the information gap as officers are taking the office to the people.

Among others, the officers check how secure the area and houses are and they then advise the particular occupants such as tenants, on security tips.

The officers also help landlords on how they can improve security on their premises.



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