Chiukepo heading to Nomads

Chiukepo Msowoya

Their rivalry has been there and perhaps will be forever, but now its a matter of who has enough money to siphon players from the other camp to another for Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets.

Latest reports that Malawi24 is following show that with just seven days to go before the local transfer market finished, the Nomads have placed a bounty package to sign versatile striker, Chiukepo Msowoya from Bullets, inside sources have confirmed.

Sources say that the Nomads are in the quest of making vital signings ahead of the next season.

Chiukepo Msowoya
Heading to Nomads?:Msowoya

It is an open secret that having landed the sponsorship package from Japanese car dealer the Nomads have nothing short of making their sponsors proud in the next season which ignites next month.

No wonder, with the reports of the Lali Lubani side setting eyes on Chiukepo, they intend to boost their striking force to land the super league tag next season.

These reports have emerged just days after Jafali Chande left the Peoples team for the Nomads, after he was promised a bounty pay as well. They also have roped in Peter Wadabwa among others.

It is reported that the Nomads now want Msowoya who was the joint top goal scorer last season (14 goals) together with Innocent Bokosi of Red Lions and also got named player of the season.

The prolific ace has also turned down a new contract at Bullets.

As this post was made Nomads officials were yet to pick our calls to make a response on the matter.

However some sports fanatics suggest that Bullets would not let Msowoya leave the club because he has been consisten at the club and just got the captaincy role. He has however not signed a new contract with the Peoples team and is currently on national team duties in Guinea.

The Nomads finished fourth last season with 45 points, 21 behind of Champions Big Bullets.

Both the the clubs now have firm sponsors in the names of Be Forward and Nyasa Manufacturing Company.

(More reaction to follow)



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  4. Khani yamvuta ku bullets ndindalama malipilo akusiyana ndeanyamata akwiya…monga sailesi wanenesa kuti ngati samuonjezela asiyako…muhmad akulandila kuposa onse ndeakhala kale akwiya

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  7. Jafali chande § Chiukepo msowoya mamamamaaaaaa yathadi team ija inee! Nafeso masapota ofunika tipange ma transfer.

  8. Olo mutatenga bullets yonse mafana we will still be champions at the end….. bullets si team wamba, we develop the players

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  12. zofunika zimenezo musadandaule omwe akuletsawa ndi a bullets ndiye mtima ukuwapweteka

  13. it happens. if he wants to go, then let him becoz it’s his life and his family’s future at stake. if he is offered more than what he gets at our club well fine and good for him. no

  14. Inu Mwatilanda Sulumba, Nkhonya Yobwezera Imawawa, Ife Tikutenga Ma Striker Anu Awiri, Jafali Ndi Chiukepo Before Transfer Window Is Closed On 31/03/2016, Beforward Not Backward

  15. Neba Ukamva Kut Noma Ikufuna Chiukepo Mutu Wako Sukugwira Coz Chande Alikale Ku Noma

  16. we like that development,but the problem in nomads camp its not about players,because even if you can turn the all bullets prayers to noma it will not make any change you will see them ending on pos8…hahahaha…… red army!!!!

  17. Players will leave bullets as long as Franco Ndawa remains there following a very poor decision by the bullets executive.
    Chiukepo chikhoza kumapita komwe chikathereko after all mchosayimika chimenechi.

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