Activists want inmates to have sex in prisons


Activists in the country say there is need for Malawi to allow conjugal visits from partners of inmates in prisons across the country.

According to Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) communications officer, Fletcher Simwaka, this is the only way of dealing with homosexuality and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country’s prisons.


To be let free. (Library)

Simwaka said investigations show that a huge number of inmates are involved in homosexuality practices hence HIV/AIDS is also spreading at a fast rate amongst them. He added that other countries have already introduced conjugal visits in their prisons.

“Our government need to ensure that space within our prisons is enough with an aim of giving rooms for the implementation of conjugal rights.

“We are also calling the government to extend HIV/AIDS preventive mechanisms through provision of protective wear such as lubricants and condoms because whether we like it or not homosexuality is happening in these prison,” said Simwaka.

If implemented in Malawi’s prisons conjugal visits will enable inmates to spend time with their loved ones in a separate room in prison, a development which according to Simwaka can help end homosexuality in prisons.

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