Richard Msowoya escapes arrest

Lexten Kachama

No arrest on Msowoya:Kachama

The Malawi Police Service says it will not arrest or charge Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya after he aided Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Spokesperson Jessie Kabwila to escape an arrest which the speaker was aware of on Monday.

This was disclosed during a media briefing on Wednesday in Lilongwe by Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama.

This comes after police admitted that they arrested Kabwila after she escaped through Msowoya’s vehicle Mercedes Benz registration number PAR 1 after it beat police officers who had mounted a roadblock just outside the August House.

The officers thought that it was the Speaker who was in the vehicle.

While police suspected that Msowoya might have done this in a bid to prevent Kabwila from getting arrested, it was unclear for the law enforcers on whether the speaker deliberately did this or not.

It was after such suspicions that police followed the vehicle to the Germany Embassy where they found Kabwila leaving the vehicle and they netted her and she has since been charged with treason.

According to Kachama ‘nothing will happen to the Speaker of Parliament.

Richard Msowoya

Now free: Msowoya

The IG was also swift to parry away claims that the MCP with other parties are making that the arrests are being politically motivated by the Peter Mutharika led government.

He said ” It is quite wrong to say that police are  being influenced by government.  We need to disclose here that as law enforcers we have made an independent decision on the matter. At the moment we are working towards proving beyond reasonable doubt before formally changing the suspects of treason”

According to Kachama, the three arrested MCP officials (Kabwila, Ulemu Msungama and Peter Chankhwantha) were not charge because investigations are on going. MPS only warned the suspects.

This is against an initial statement by the same police that the three were being charged for different counts which are treason and sedition.

In a leaked thread of WhatsApp messages, the MCP officials conspired to pursue an Arab Spring-like revolution to overthrow president Mutharika and his government.

The MCP officials are said to have agreed to take advantage of the situation to call for a rebellion that would appear to have been sparked by Malawians in diaspora.

They claimed to have been infuriated by what they see as the president’s failure to end a stinging food crisis that has seen maize prices triple in just under a few months and inflation exceed over 20%. The kwacha has also sharply fallen.

Their arrests have received widespread condemnation by people with legal practitioners having  different view as well.

Recently, the Malawi Law Society (MLS) wondered why police officers used WhatsApp conversations as the basis for the sedition cases against opposition members.

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