Teen dies from electrocution


A 16 year-old Malawian girl has died in Bangwe Township in Blantyre after being electrocuted, police say.

electricitySouthern Region Police Deputy Spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa identified the girl as Loveness Chisale from Masala Village in the area of Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre.

According to Mikuwa, tragedy struck when the girl was trying to put her clothes on the washing line at her home.

Mikuwa said the clothes line had come into contact with electricity wire that passed by the girl’s house. When the girl touched the washing line she got electrocuted and died on the spot.

Police have since asked people to avoid putting their clothes lines near electricity wires. They however said they have not registered a similar case this year.

Meanwhile, police say they are still carrying out sweeping exercises which began during the festive season in order to reduce crime in the southern region.



  1. Bwana Mphatso Makiyi,ukapanga lyk any post zimangothandizira kuti anzako ena omwe uthengawo sanauone athe kuuona through iweyo ,osati za fodya zomwe ukuganizazo

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  3. Escom must be patrolling around their cables coz most of these accidents occur due to late discovery of the fault by escom

  4. Ndiausilu a escom kuno kuchileka nthambizamtengo zikugunda waya kuwauza amangoti tibwela akudikilawina afepo ndiyeazadulebwino;;;;

  5. Electrocution is instant death mostly maybe you are saying after this she was still moving and the first aid you can give is do shock mngtment ,thus cover the casualty in blankets to keep worm otherwise rest well thee Loveness

  6. Most death resulting from electrocution can be avoided if only first aid was administered early,some of these things,the healthy personel are supposed to be going round the community and educate citizens on the importance of first aid. Am writing from zambia

    1. The pictoric message showing electrocution from main line which link almost 2700volts.If any touch it drain the blood and first aid you re talking wont work,how ever a touch of 400-220voltage zone the first aid may work

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