Stuck in mortuary

KCN Mortuary

A South African national identified as Skhumbuzo Jaca has been trapped for several days in a mortuary in Malawi over K2.1 million.

KCN Mortuary
KCN Mortuary

A report published by the Daily Sun of South Africa states that the 38-year old man came to Malawi last month looking for his long-lost daughter only to fall sick 3 days later but could not respond positively to medical treatment.

However, his family were issued with a K2.1 million (R46,000) by a funeral parlour to have the deceased body released, an amount the relatives could afford.

“It breaks our hearts because it’s our wish to bury him next to his ancestors,” Skhumbuzo’s sister, Nonhlanhla Makhathini has been quoted as saying.

The family was reportedly rebuffed by their South African government when they pleaded for help.

“They told us our only option is to let the government of Malawi bury him as the department only helps with documentation issues, not money”

She stated however that the hospital could only keep her deaced brother’s body in their mortuary for five days.



  1. The debate is just so good. Only that we need to write most of our comments in Anglais so that our motherfucking South African friends should smoothly follow it properly. Otherwise I just see some real heart to heart talk here.

  2. you just left with an inch.. it could hav been.. 48 bags of Maize to release him.. u know “NJALA” kkkkkkkkkkkkk malawi woyeeeee!!

  3. Kulibe mortuary ku KCN (Kamuzu College of Nursing), chithunzi mukuwonetsacho ndi cha Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) Mortuary

  4. Guys lets stick to the real issue here,insults can not solve this problem.If our fellow brothers in SA are wicked as you say,let us show them otherwise,we are peace loving people.Two wrongs cant make a right.So please cool your tempers!The issue here is that the charging at the mortuary is gross,its a robbery.Malawi govnt shud step in and help,it wil boost our reputation.Insults wont solve this matter.

  5. zakhabwino kufela kumalawiko zitsiluzathu zimenzo amayitengamipanje ngati yo4yila komaso amwalila mpanje sapeleka ulemu tangochiwochan abale mukuchedwa opaja malawi unakula ndiulemu wotchan

  6. Malawian,are you taking advantage of your devaluation,cashgate,be serious my fellow malawian

  7. South africans r xo hatred, they gat no mecy, they kill entym they want, we lost our lovd ones thea en wea burrid rayt thea, xo hu ix ths idiot?

  8. Use prisoners & burry the useless body,an eye to an eye

  9. 46 thousand rand for what? That’s a day robbery who is looking after this hospital? Just accept that u don’t have money n find another way of getting it. Not by stealing from people’s pockets. That’s too much u r so weakened God will punish you.

  10. That mortuary is daylight robbing. They only hear he’s a South African. But that’s too much money. Come on! Here in S.A. mortuary process everything with 15,000rands and the corpse reaches Malawi. And these thugs they want 46,000rands. They good at cashgate

  11. Whether he came lagally or illegally that’s doesn’t affect us at all.we also have legal immigrants there but when have u soutjafricans respect that??? Being in SA even with legal documents is never easy. The man who has died had legal documents,but when u r killing foreigners there,do u ever think that here is malawi we also have several southafricans????? We don’t kill them,we have welcomed them and our brothers have married them,they live happly,…becareful!!!!! One day u won’t bliv our actions on them.

  12. U complaining about one Souh African in Malawi who came there legally. Do u know how many of your nationalities we have in here? Some have made this place their homes n left their families back in Malawi. Yes I mean wives n kids. I am Souh African but I’m against xenophobia as I c a black person as one of my own. People will never b the same or like the same things in life. U should b commending the man for travelling so long to come and look for his kid n ask yourself if the kid is much better off without his father. The man realised that his family is not complete without his child. Let’s pray for our nation. The will always b casualties in a war. Love u Malawi.

    1. 2.1 is too much to ask from the family that has lost a father. In a good will the man was looking for his lost child and was not prepared to end his journey in such way. Brothers and sisters let’s not talk like we are animals. Government must do something about it…… R. I. P

  13. Don’t return evil, make a plan as SA police says when they couch foreigners

  14. Ine ndazipeleka makasu plus mbuzi ya zukulu, they always illtreat us in their home land therefore no any support

  15. Too bad may his soul rest in peace all of us will die at one time so lets not talk to much it demands how death finds us .

  16. ine sindikuva chisoni wafa ekha ife a garu amenewa amatipha ndikumatipatsA maina ambiRimbiRi ndalaMazichokeRe kwao osatiborathuri ayi ayi ndati shit southafrican otchani zimenezo

  17. ine sindikuva chisoni wafa ekha ife a garu amenewa amatipha ndikumatipatsA maina ambiRimbiRi ndalaMazichokeRe kwao osatiborathuri ayi ayi ndati shit southafrican otchani zimenezo

  18. Malawians are dying everyday there is south Africa, in xenophobic attacks.what’s so important with that south African to b taken home??? Just take the prisoners to dig for him a 1 metre grave and burry him there,, as am speaking in Kempton park the same south Africans just killed a Nigerian man and foreigners r in hiding places,,,,, who do u think u r south Africans????

    1. Don’t bore us,,,, there’s no money here for a worsting on a many malawians r at lindela,better use that money to get those pple home than paying for the idiot.

    2. OOOOOO. U Santos chizungu chiti chomwe chavuta?,maybe it’s u who has to get a primary xul to explain to,whether he came to look for his child or not,no-one is paying for his body Back home…does the SA government pay the for the return of malawians who die there?????, these pple don’t own the world…. He will lot there,whether u like or not. Nonsense!

      1. they ill treat us in SA naeso mutayen or even kumuotcha amazimva shuga kwao amenewa

    3. And u snowflake, whatever ur name is,,, u can call me all sorts of names,but that brother of urs, will have to be at the mortuary for as long as u pay that money,if not he will b burned, and given to dogs,,,we don’t care here.

    4. Kkkkkkkkkkk given to dogs? Lool kkkkkkk am fainting here give me water plz,kkkkkkk coment of the year kkkkkk@ lucy mphande kkk

    5. Ala. Anthu ndi ankhaza awa.think of the many innocent pple they have killed there??? They have made several kids orphans…. And many women,widows,,, is south Africa the only country having foreigners???? They shud get a life?

    6. Let it b blind then….we r tired of these south Africans,,,, its time for them to know that even in malawi we have south Africans,, and several of them… But we ain’t savages who are happy seing ones blood…

    7. I don’t c any reason of treating any thing that’s south African, with mercy,even a peice of paper,shud b burned,so long it comes from SA

    8. Even if it wz a nigerian who wud pay all that money jst to take the body to nigeria if nigeria itsef fails to get the body back to their home. We hv alot of problems that need to b tackled using the same amount of money mentioned

    9. No wonder some of us will never b a president for any country,God knows I wud have commanded the army to burn him and giv the arshes to those huge police dogs….. South Africans are very evil pple.

    10. Koma mwali mayankhulatu i agree wirh u #Lucy but remember the teaching of God since we r Godfearing pple,keep your enemies closer kuti aphunzire chikondi ngati si iwo mwina ndi ana awo

    11. Aaaaa or mutawaphunzisira mu hotel yodula angamve mawu amulungu awa???? Do u even know south Africans???? Or u just saying???? U shud go there and witness how they treat foreigners,during xenophobic attacks,,, ,they don’t deserve even a 0.0000000001 mercy.akangomutaya ku dam lakunaperi agalu akakokelana.

    12. Kkkkkkkk,Kukwiya ko tu sichina @jimapo George Njikho,ndiye kuti aunt Lucy wa anaziona,even myself ndinali komweko ndi anthu awa oti sungaphunzitse umunthu alibe

    13. I was caught in the middle in 2009,awa si anthu…..and why making demands here, no foreigner can make such demands in their country….

    14. Wowwww lucy wandibebera heve asaaaa ndipo amuikeso mu fridge ya ma criminals and aizimitse so that he gets rotten there kenako akaidi akamuike mmanda mmmm south africans r so wicked they just deserve evil back to them

    15. Ndizisiru,amaona ngati ma foreigners ali kwawo kokhako??! Kunoso aliko and everywhere in the world kuli ma foreigners,,,,,,

    16. Thus how Jesus 3lz whn He look at us! But He love us anyway Despite all the nasty things wi do, will don’t av to b evil jst coz someb is treating us badly. Love your enemy! Show mercy and u shall b shown mercy. I ddnt say this Jesus did,

    17. Mr Phaker,I think u can show that Mercy by paying the k2,1 million Rands needed for him to b taken back home..coz that’s what his relatives need right now,and that’s the mercy they r looking for,…and bcoz we don’t have that’s why we have suggested the 1 metre grave thing. And please remember this is the real world,the mortuary in which he’s being kept needs the money to replace the resources spent on him,,,so u can just donate that and b merciful!!!!

  19. A Malawi ambiri akufera ku South Africa ndipo amayikidwa komweko. Boma la Malawi silinathandizepo munthu akafera ku South Africa.

  20. Lazzy bones of south africa who cant stand on their own,want everything to be done by government even to dug atoilet,its afamily issue organise money and bring him home otherwise graveyard is everywhere,cant you lean from foreign nations which are their in your country,if one dies they did it themselves without any sponsor from govermnent till body goes home,,anyway RIP

    1. See how how lazzy your are queen delaz,ucant even contruct asentence ,poor grammar,go and take your money from the institiion you were learning,ujust waste your money idiot

    2. Oooo not those who wud rather sleep on a shark for the rest of their lives,than getting a job and build a real home????? Haahha Aunt Queen. U aren’t making sense here.

    3. And u mkhize, whether u like it or not,that makwelekwele will b buried here,,, in a one Meter grave… And no one will attend only prisoners will attend.

    1. awatumize ndani wakoyo, agalu ameneyo amationtcha kwawo kuno amaona ngati sazayenda
      zipanseni ng’ona zidye zili ndi njala

    1. What sad this issue sister? throw him to crocodiles those people are too stupid in their country plz don’t feel sorry

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