“Prison life cannot reform me”, confesses convict


In a bid to get a short jail term, a convicted criminal told the Blantyre first grade magistrate court that prison life cannot reform him.

CourtNonetheless, the Blantyre first grade magistrate court still sentenced the 25 year-old man to 14 years imprisonment, less than a month after he had completed another 8-year sentence.

The convict, Robert Nyirongo, was released from Chichiri Prison on 29 December last year after spending 8 years in prison following his conviction on charges of robbery with violence.

According to Prosecutor Moja Phiri, after getting out of prison, Nyirongo together with his colleagues attacked some men around Blantyre and went away with property worth K490,000.

In his ruling, principal resident magistrate Innocent Nebi sentenced Nyirongo to 14 years imprisonment arguing that the convict is a frequent offender.

Nyirongo hails from the area of Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, in the northern region district of Rumphi.



  1. Malawian prison have turned to be collage for murderous in the country. You can not solve a problem by another problem.

  2. The prblem wth our prisons is the mixing of minor offenders wth dangerous criminals. how can u rform a minor offender who is alwys in the company of murderers? mapeto ake amangophunzirapo uchigawenga

  3. judgers think twice before u read the sentence many people in our prison are innocent.if the prison are giving them skills no one can think of bad,but keeping like they are waiting to be butched,how many people are dying in prison,do not copy slavery ,think of the behind family,even the lice have freedom,to you who pretend to be good in ten commandments,think of inmates,do not full the prison ,give them support so that they contribute to the country,may god be with them in hard way,i pray amen

  4. Vuto laumphawi mfanayo.amadya ko bwino,kuphunzira xool popeza kunjjaku bursery scheme imamusowa ndee xool anathawira pa window.ali bhoo,naye adzakhale police office or judge nkuthanaso ndi amene ali mmaofesiwa lero.

  5. Many prisons around the globe are there only to punish a criminal by keeping the offender away from the society. Only few prisons introduced studies, religious teaching and teaching the offenders some skills, which I applaud. I presume where this offender has been, none of these exist. How can he change?

  6. I guess this guy might be fighting for his education,,there is a story like this in the book of “looking for a rain god”,,form four.
    Where the guy shouted at the judge with an aim of getting a long term jail,and have an access to education and good food.
    When the judge tried to seem like being lenient,the criminal shouted at the judge,,the judge was frustrated and gave so many years like the way it has happened, than before,,and the guy finished his education.
    Let’s wait and see,otherwise, mark my words.

  7. I cam ephanzise that high criminal late is due to shortage of job access, malawi is full of rubishes in all its areas, you can see that we always spend our time in things that will only delay us to build up our country’s ecconomy. Its just short listed people who are robbing just because they are crazy, if you can review&go through the remarks of those they are saving their changes in various prisons,you will find resoanables related to their crime. Some of them they didn’t do school just because they lost parents while young,and no one could support them, yet government is there just watching, waiting force resultant after is putting them in prison. Many&many youths they are keeping their degrees,depromas even phds no more working, what can they do?govornment is only managing putting them in prison,shame!! No water,no erectricity,again hunger is there, no medical treatmet,what is it doing this govornment? Do we have govornment? Or we sold this country? Shame!! Shame!! Shame!!.

    1. @ #Chris, this guy must hav already turned 18 at the time of his first conviction coz wen one is serving a sentence lyk his amamuchotsela 3months on every yr of his/her sentence. ther4 it means that

    2. he stayed in prison for 6 years coz if u subtract 3months evry yr it wil giv u 24 months which translates into 2 yrs. So 8 minus 2yrs givs u 6yrs & the guy is 25 meanin he was about 19 at the tym.

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