Blantyre Water Board now angry

water tap
water tap
Illegal connections anger BWB.

Malawi’s Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has expressed concern over the increase in cases of illegal connection of water in the commercial city.

Acting Director of Water Distribution and Commence Bright Ziliwanda revealed this in Limbe where the organisation busted Shire Highlands Hotel which had been using the boards’ water illegally

According to Ziliwanda, the board disconnected water at the hotel after the facility failed to pay bills and instead of paying the bills, hotel management agreed to connect the taps illegally.

He revealed that the money the board loses due to illegal connection is equal to 20 percent of BWB revenue.

According to Ziliwanda, the board feels betrayed because it trusted that big institutions could not be involved in such malpractices.

The board has since promised to give a stiff punishment to the hotel.



  1. iwowo a waterboard akumadula madzi any how ndani sakuziwa zot nd january uyu anthu alibe chakudwa nde asamweso madzi nde mkufuna anthu afe imfa yowawatu ndani sakudziwa kut ku Blantyre njala,madzi zonse zavuta

  2. The main problem is with the waterboard.Your bills are not honest.Mumangolota kapena mumadzachitadi record?For the past months I have been receiving bills of K12,000 yet we are only three in our family.Water is much used during wk ends.This month of January I have received a bill of K800.Which bill is now the correct one?Ndipo akachita kuona kuti umalipira monthly ndiye amachita kudziwa kuti achipeza chitsiru chakuti adzichibera.The best way ndikumawabera basi.Akwiya chiyani?Akuona ngati ife ndiye timasangalala akamatibweretsera ma bill osamveka bwino!!

  3. Please tell us hw much money you ask them to pay ??Hw Many years this Hotel uses this illegal connection of water? come public people want to know.

  4. BWB It’s a public entity hence water wasnt supposed to be charged to every Malawian Citizen. We pay taxes for national development but these so called selfish Politicians steal these money use it with there families us suffering l don’t see any goodness of paying BWB Bills Urge all Malawians to increase connecting theses water……….. All of us we must share these resources equally cz we pay taxes

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